Are you matured?

A peahen came and sat on my balcony. She was not aware that I was standing there. She looked at the sky and found dark clouds on the western sky. After doing some calculation in her mind she started screaming. Her boy friend sitting on the top of a nearby tree shouted back to her.Continue reading “Are you matured?”

Chakli Circle

Vroooom Vroooooom …. I was coming through Chakli Circle (Birds Circle) to my office from BSNL office in my bike. Went straight till the circle and took right to Jetalpur road. There were many vehicles including bikes and cars were in the same mission that is,  to cross the never-ending traffic coming from  all directions. But in couple of secondsContinue reading “Chakli Circle”

Why should I listen?

Speaking is such a pleasurable act. When I am speaking and it is about some topic for which I have a say, I feel as if there is a river flowing from the top of my brain and smoothly crossing all barriers reaching my vocal cord. I feel, as if I am meditating. Sounds funny!!!! thenContinue reading “Why should I listen?”