Listen ​someone​

Give a good ear to at least one person every week No judgment No perception No expectation A pure listen where your job as a listener is to ensure the speaker’s thoughts are flowing smoothly from mind to lips through an untwisted tongue and uninterrupted jaws. Adjust your body language to give that ambiance ofContinue reading “Listen ​someone​”

The Glass Door

“What are you doing there?? Why are you blocking my way??”, an irritated lady driving a luxury car with all window glasses closed shouting at an idiot on a bike. That idiot is blocking the way for this lady and just doing something looking at the ground. Some people leave their brain and sense at home beforeContinue reading “The Glass Door”


“That guy (winked), thinks that he is a very good developer. After 11 years of experience in writing code still his code does never work first time.” Druv said and laughed. Ajit gave a cold response saying, “Everybody knows this including him. He tells this openly and admits that he has this problem. But the kind ofContinue reading “Openness”