Sunday Morning Thought – Abstract

Every moment in my life I thought I am right till that moment was old enough to be called as past and I am out of that mental set up. I don’t regret being wrong then and I don’t think if I were to live that moment again I would have thought differently. I thinkContinue reading “Sunday Morning Thought – Abstract”

Hate – A journey defined

“How can he do that? Neither it is ethical nor beneficial to anybody including himself. He is not realizing how much harm he is doing to his own image. I hate him. The moment I see him I feel like finding an opportunity to beat him up and show the entire world how bad heContinue reading “Hate – A journey defined”

Women’s Day

Creating this world, filling it with happiness, adding spices to it and making this a place where we would love to live life is only possible by a woman. Home makers, bringing the entire world of happiness and fitting them in four walls is only possible by a woman. Keeping the heart above every otherContinue reading “Women’s Day”