Maha Shashti – Welcoming the Daughter

All excitement to welcome a confident, successful and influential daughter to her home. She has been busy throughout the year doing her duties as a powerful daughter on this earth. This daughter is different. Long ago when respect for women, freedom of less powerful and concentration of intellectuals were disturbed by some negative elements, influentialContinue reading “Maha Shashti – Welcoming the Daughter”

Have you cleaned your slate?

Living so many life in one lifetime was too heavy for Naren. He was exhausted with life’s problems. His belief was that every problem makes you live a new pseudo life and resolution of problem ends that pseudo life. At this moment while he was standing in city railway station, he was living 100s ofContinue reading “Have you cleaned your slate?”

Mahalaya – Invocation of Woman Power

Price rise, corruption, inequality and ignorance was bothering Bagmita since long. She believes that educated person is the one who is aware and alert. In her understanding awareness is when every information is validated by logic and science (Not only modern science). She was busy with kids, office and other household activities and always suppressed her wish toContinue reading “Mahalaya – Invocation of Woman Power”

Happy Raam Navami?

I am standing wearing a dhoti and kurta. My thermocol topor which has two hanging objects on both sides are touching my cheeks and causing itching. Then bride (Monika) came sitting on a wooden plank. Her brothers were carrying that plank form all sides. She had hidden her face using two paans. We both were holdingContinue reading “Happy Raam Navami?”

Why I love Vadodara? Last part

“What a match? Yesterday was fun”. Okay, It is safe and better for humanity if I stop talking about cricket. Let me continue writing what I left incomplete yesterday. Although I have only 20 minutes to write this blog but I will try to complete it today. My city is the one which gives meContinue reading “Why I love Vadodara? Last part”

Why I love Vadodara? Part I

“Maja Ma?“ He asked when he met me in the lift.  This means ‘Happy?’. I smiled at him to convey the answer in affirmative. This is the way how people greet here in Vadodara (or Gujarat). I never realized anything special about this, till my father pointed this out. Anywhere in this world you go,Continue reading “Why I love Vadodara? Part I”