Fear of Losing Identity

On a December night a happy full moon roaming around freely on a blue-sky. It had struggled a lot to achieve this full moon identity. It took 14 long days since the dreadful no moon day to reach here. All big celestial bodies always overpowered, ignored and demeaned her for her tininess. While moon isContinue reading “Fear of Losing Identity”

Unusual Leave request

While I wait for a new day to unfold, I heard some whispers from eastern horizon. “Can I, just for one day?”, One heavy voice trying to take permission. A lady responded, “Never. Rules are rules. These are made by the king and nobody has the right to change the rule. Even for a singleContinue reading “Unusual Leave request”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

“Ever since I know you, we are together. There were situations when I needed help and you were present just beside me. You made your positions clear, Sometimes behind me to help me go forward and sometime ahead of me to check if road ahead is safe for me to proceed. You made the moonContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together”

Moon talk – I

I was staring at the ever-changing world as usual. Some people enjoying their life and some frowning. Suddenly I saw entire world started merrymaking and cheering at once. I was surprised looking at this scene. I asked earth, “what happened?”. Earth replied smiling, “Don’t ask me? It is extremely difficult to understand the logic ofContinue reading “Moon talk – I”

Mahalaya – Invocation of Woman Power

Price rise, corruption, inequality and ignorance was bothering Bagmita since long. She believes that educated person is the one who is aware and alert. In her understanding awareness is when every information is validated by logic and science (Not only modern science). She was busy with kids, office and other household activities and always suppressed her wish toContinue reading “Mahalaya – Invocation of Woman Power”