I selected a big chunk lines of software program code and I was about to delete¬†by hitting on the delete button as I am in the process of rewrite. A software which had served 30+ years to humanity¬†is being rewritten for better efficiency and maintainability. I was feeling proud of myself for being given thisContinue reading “Rewrite!!!”

How I became spammer?

Mistakes are inevitable as long as you are alive. It is not always true that you did not know the repercussions and did something. When you saw the results, you realized that you made a mistake. Many a times you do something with a particular thing in mind and when you see the outcomes thereContinue reading “How I became spammer?”


Morning 9:30 AM, I was alone from my team, sitting and reading emails from past night and flagging them so that I can remember which one I have to work the same day and which ones are just reference emails. I saw one email from expert of a key functionality in response to a questionContinue reading “Surrender”