Journey to Bharat III

Continued from Journey to Bharat II I was not very sure why she is telling me that not knowing Anatomy or not teaching Biology to science student has to do with cast. I asked her, “What do you mean?”. “Not letting everybody know the basics of all different aspects of life is a crime. It … Continue reading Journey to Bharat III

It’s not over yet!

Vishal sitting in his cabin with his heads down. He is deep in his thoughts to overcome the challenges he has in front of him. 8 years at one position and one role had made himself almost redundant. He used to spend his time almost doing nothing. A sudden management change has put him in a different role … Continue reading It’s not over yet!

Second Chance

Climbing up the 14 floors of Discoverer building in IT Park Bangalore was not a regular practice for me. But this day was not a regular day as well. I had to take the toughest decision about my best buddy cum team member. In one hand I know that Sarad has performed badly since last three … Continue reading Second Chance

Chhote Ustad

“You are a genius. I must say your parents are lucky to have a child like you. I am sure you will make your parents very proud one day. God created you for a greater purpose. Your sense about music is divine.I almost forgot that I am listening to a 8-year-old child. May god bless you. … Continue reading Chhote Ustad

Juniors.. Ahh..

This blog is a counterview with respect to my blog Senior.. huh? . It is very easy to understand and appreciate what are others duties but it is difficult to realize what my duty is. In a competitive world there is nobody sitting there just to help me in doing my own duties. It is … Continue reading Juniors.. Ahh..

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