Life continued …

Leaf was enjoying the cool breeze of the rainy season, few rain drops were sitting on it since last night. They had a good conversation about the changing times. Early morning suddenly wind started blowing heavily from west. Rain waters started to clutch the imperfections of the leaf to avoid a fall. Heaviness of waterContinue reading “Life continued …”

Fear of Losing Identity

On a December night a happy full moon roaming around freely on a blue-sky. It had struggled a lot to achieve this full moon identity. It took 14 long days since the dreadful no moon day to reach here. All big celestial bodies always overpowered, ignored and demeaned her for her tininess. While moon isContinue reading “Fear of Losing Identity”

Chalo School Chale Hum: Let’s go to school

Navneel Dancing in his Class How beautiful were those days when we has the liberty to do what we wish at the cost of little scolding. The liberty to ask questions and not bother about answering any. The portion of life where we were god’s creation. Then a time came where we had to payContinue reading “Chalo School Chale Hum: Let’s go to school”