How to manage your manager?

            “You are very lucky! You got everything that you deserved at the right time,” Anuj roared excitedly. For most people, 5:00 a.m. is a time to continue sleeping, but many health-conscious people use it for exercising. Irrespective of the activity that a person chooses to engage in, nobody gets into any intense discussion atContinue reading “How to manage your manager?”

A small growth story – Vikash

“What happened Vikash? why are you standing there? Want to say something? Everything okay?”, Vikash’s mother asked and kept on asking more questions till Vikash interrupted. This made Vikash believe that his mother has not changed over the years. This not only gave a relief to him but also made him wonder, ‘How come?’. ManyContinue reading “A small growth story – Vikash”