Let’s Write A New (Family) Constitution

India celebrates its republic day where every citizen reiterates to bind themselves under the agreement called constitution to remain free and prosperous, we must think about how we can agree with the family to live a free, dignified, and prosperous life.

Chalo School Chale Hum: Let’s go to school

Navneel Dancing in his Class How beautiful were those days when we has the liberty to do what we wish at the cost of little scolding. The liberty to ask questions and not bother about answering any. The portion of life where we were god’s creation. Then a time came where we had to payContinue reading “Chalo School Chale Hum: Let’s go to school”

One unexpected encounter

“Yes Darling I love you. I love you more than anything in this world. I can spend my entire life just to make you happy. My destination is you and ultimate destination is your heart. This journey will continue for ever. See what I got for you.” Ricky said and gave one beautiful looking and smellingContinue reading “One unexpected encounter”