The Pretender: Me, my daughter and Auto-rickshaw

“Baba, Why don’t you buy an auto-rickshaw?”, Hiya asked while coming back from school. I laughed at her silly request and like an assumed knowledgeable senior thought of explaining her. I asked, “Why you want Auto? Isn’t our car and bike better than the auto rickshaw?”. She immediately responded, “No”. “Why?”, I asked. “Because AutoContinue reading “The Pretender: Me, my daughter and Auto-rickshaw”

Happy Father’s Day!!!

80 years old man coughing sitting on a chair at 5:00 AM in the morning and waiting for a cup of tea. Rest of the members of the family are sleeping and have no intention to get up for next 3 hours on a Sunday morning. He does not know how to spend this time.Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day!!!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

A hurried father running here and there to ensure all guests are satisfied and all their needs are fulfilled, Friends and Family members of Bridegroom are busy analyzing the bride and their family and vice versa. Kids are busy playing with new friends and enjoying the food. Cook hired by the Bride’s father is ensuringContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged”

My Father is the BEST

“My father has bought a gaming station for me where I can play any time I want. I do not need you. There are other players inside the gaming station and they will play with me like real players. The best thing is, they will not fight with me like you people do. Today isContinue reading “My Father is the BEST”


“Why are you calling me now, How many times I told you not to call me during office hours” he shouted. “I am fine, I will come home as soon as my work gets over” and hung up. He saw the time in his computer, it was 11:30 PM. He continued working on the projectContinue reading “Parents”

Pink and Purple

My name is Hiya, Hiya Bagchi. I am 4 years old. I love pink and purple colors very much. I like dresses which have flowers in it. My father say’s my cheeks are pink in color and I have sparkling eyes. I know this means I am a good girl. I am the first childContinue reading “Pink and Purple”