Enjoy the act don’t show-off

I wanted to just check out and have fun with the street side astrologer by asking him a difficult question. I asked him, “I am doing everything that is called duty, helping others but still not getting the pleasure or happiness. I am getting frustrated very often and angry too. what should I do?”. “YourContinue reading “Enjoy the act don’t show-off”

Duties without expecting fruit?

Karmanye Vadhika Raste Maa Faleshu Kadachan Ma Karma Fal Heturbhuh, Ma Te Sangotsva Karmani Meaning: You have a right to “Karma” (actions) but never to any Fruits thereof. You should never be motivated by the results of your actions, nor should there be any attachment in not doing your prescribed activities. Many a times I heard people saying, it is for losers. BecauseContinue reading “Duties without expecting fruit?”