Declare your intention

We often complain that people don’t understand us. We have good intentions but people misunderstand us. People going by the look of it but miss the core intention. Do not leave a lot for people to interpret unless you want to confuse trick them. Tell your intentions upfront. Your job will be easy and listenersContinue reading “Declare your intention”

You are Unique

You are destined to do something amazing. This world needs you for your unique ability. Preserving and nurturing your natual ability is purpose of your life. Your natural instinct and your natural abilities are way more effective and powerful than your acquired ones. You never were lesser than anybody nor you are today but, ifContinue reading “You are Unique”

A winning thought

A mild argument between an old couple was about to take momentum to become a intense quarrel. Their decision of not going to their daughter’s place was because the old man did not agree to go. The old lady was missing her daughter’s kids and wanted to see them but the old man somehow feltContinue reading “A winning thought”