Boiling Point

One occasion when our expectations are at boiling point if we do not get what we want we lose trust on the person. One occasion when we see our needs are at boiling point if we take the uncomfortable step we gain confidence for lifetime. One occasion when our emotions are at boiling point ifContinue reading “Boiling Point”

The Power within

  A very powerful stanza from a poetry by Muhammad Iqbal.keeps inspiring generations, to go beyond what others think you can do, what you think you can do and even what god thinks you can do. But still I see the helplessness when I look at the mirror or look into eyes of many. TheContinue reading “The Power within”

Swim through life

I do not remember when last time I attended a class where I really wanted to learn. For the first time I am getting the learning pleasure. The pleasure of competing with self and winning or sometimes failing. My fellow classmates are mostly between the age range of 4-14. So I am more than uncleContinue reading “Swim through life”