Kindness! Start at home : Meditation Series

“Don’t worry if it is taking time. Make sure efforts are on. Question yourself if you have put in the right amount of effort and try to stretch yourself a bit more than yesterday. You will get it.”, a teacher said to its students who were struggling to get the concept. As teachers teach fromContinue reading “Kindness! Start at home : Meditation Series”

Journey To Bharat IV

Continued from Journey To Bharat III Worried about my family. Wife, Kids, Parents, Friends. I kept my head down. I was not interested to listen to all those non-sense but I realized by now that I have no way to go back home. I was trapped in an island where nobody is having any kind ofContinue reading “Journey To Bharat IV”

Journey To Bharat – II

Continued from Journey To Bharat – 1 I asked them, “Then, Can you please make arrangements for my trip? I can’t wait any longer”. Old man responded, “I have to get clearance from our home department to allow you go home. They checked you yesterday and found that 3 of your chakras are severely affected.Continue reading “Journey To Bharat – II”