The Shameless

It is since long I am talking and writing about self-restraint but not being able to achieve it for some of the things that I wish to achieve. I am not sure if anybody is like this, but I find a strange conversation between two different self within me. They always talk against each other likeContinue reading “The Shameless”

My Irritating Companion

She was hiding behind the door when I reached home. I opened the door, entered into the house and sat on my chair. She was behind me. I did not notice her at all. She was around, when I finished my day end work and went up to bed. She did not show up atContinue reading “My Irritating Companion”

Investigation: Blogger’s Death

I found a blogger dead lying on the road yesterday. Several people were crossing by him but nobody is even looking at him. Nobody was bothered to know who died and who killed him. There were some scattered blogs all around him and flies were trying to get their bit of him before he is disposedContinue reading “Investigation: Blogger’s Death”

Novice Blogger’s Confession

Sharing our thought is very important part of our life. Thought may be useful or completely  useless. It may have of some value to others or may be absolutely of no use. But, we feel good when we share and somebody listens to it quietly without objecting. If somebody supports that thought and adds something to itContinue reading “Novice Blogger’s Confession”