Happy Birthday!!

Apologies to self for not wishing happy Birthday and it’s already 5 days past it. Birthday is a time when you get to know the value of your existence. It is kind of life appraisal. The most precious gift you can expect ever is a good heart-felt wish. Where people think about you for fewContinue reading “Happy Birthday!!”

The Day–Birthday

Happy Birthday to me-35 summers Happy Birthday to me Interesting day is Birthday when your entire world focuses their attention towards you at least for few seconds. They wish for your wellbeing and wish to see you happy forever. Although friends and family always wish good for you but this is the occasion when theyContinue reading “The Day–Birthday”

Happy Birthday To Me – 35 Summers

“Don’t you know that today is my Birthday. I need a better treatment today. My mistakes must be pardoned as soon as they are made. There should be unending flow of love and care for me. I must not get disturbed with annoying tasks at all. But it seems you guys hardly care. World seems justContinue reading “Happy Birthday To Me – 35 Summers”

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I am experiencing earth completing 34th rotation around Sun, as per Gregorian calendar, while I am writing this blog. 34 various seasons tried to make me a seasoned living creature on this earth. Born as a Bengali, brought up as a confident Odia with a beautiful Bengali blend on it, nurtured by various different cultures of Bharat and influencedContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Me!!!”