Crossing the hurdles

The auto driver dropped Shrikant just at the other side of the road so that he can cross the road to reach office. Today is the first day for Shrikant at this new office, and Bangalore is a new city for him. Coming from a small town, where traffic meant you can see 20 vehicles … Continue reading Crossing the hurdles

Invisible Tears

This year has been a year of separation for stray dog. Stray Dog hardly ever cared about attachments hence never bothered about separation but consecutive separations are making stray dog emotional. Separating from great friends is the toughest part of life. Yes talking about physical separation only. People, places and relationships remain in our emotional … Continue reading Invisible Tears

School Hunt and Stray Dog

You don't know....? Don't tell me....? Yes... (sigh) Stray Dog decided to leave Baroda and come back to Bangalore. Stray Dog's  (Let's call him S-D) core nature is to remain stray. Yes, Baroda was his favorite lane. He has expressed his feeling time to time about Baroda, why he loves Baroda etc but as much … Continue reading School Hunt and Stray Dog

Second Chance

Climbing up the 14 floors of Discoverer building in IT Park Bangalore was not a regular practice for me. But this day was not a regular day as well. I had to take the toughest decision about my best buddy cum team member. In one hand I know that Sarad has performed badly since last three … Continue reading Second Chance

100th Blog

“Sakti, Your today’s blog was good.” Somebody said while I was getting inside lift. This lift has huge demand throughout the day. My floor in office being on the 4th one in the building, compels me to use lift unless there is no other option or I am in very good mood. So I pushed … Continue reading 100th Blog

Tete-e-Tete with Past … VI (Friction in Relationship)

Ramesh’s complaints were never-ending. It is four years since he is married and he was missing from our friend circle since his marriage. It is since last couple of weeks he started again joining us college friends. He used to be one of the most caring and happy person in our group. He never cared … Continue reading Tete-e-Tete with Past … VI (Friction in Relationship)


“Hi Jerry, How are you? How was your air journey?” I greeted Jerry, the expert in Application Interfacing who came here to Bangalore. I had met him when I had visited Tucson. He is a very knowledgeable person. He has 35 years of experience in the same subject and in the same company. He knows … Continue reading Namaste!!!

I am …

“Tujhe dekha… to yeh Jaana… sanam…”. This song was playing in his back brain as soon as he saw the first glance of the prospective bride.  He did not expect to meet such a smart-looking yet very Bharatiya girl in this far away village.He had to change almost four modes of transport to reach her home. … Continue reading I am …

Why I love Vadodara? Last part

“What a match? Yesterday was fun”. Okay, It is safe and better for humanity if I stop talking about cricket. Let me continue writing what I left incomplete yesterday. Although I have only 20 minutes to write this blog but I will try to complete it today. My city is the one which gives me … Continue reading Why I love Vadodara? Last part

Why I love Vadodara? Part I

“Maja Ma?“ He asked when he met me in the lift.  This means ‘Happy?’. I smiled at him to convey the answer in affirmative. This is the way how people greet here in Vadodara (or Gujarat). I never realized anything special about this, till my father pointed this out. Anywhere in this world you go, … Continue reading Why I love Vadodara? Part I

What’s in a Name?

“Tell me something which is yours, only yours but others use is more than you?” one of my friend asked. We were standing in a group. Everybody started thinking seriously. Then one of my friend said ‘Name”. That was the right answer. You own your name more than anything else. It is not just a … Continue reading What’s in a Name?

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