Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

“Ever since I know you, we are together. There were situations when I needed help and you were present just beside me. You made your positions clear, Sometimes behind me to help me go forward and sometime ahead of me to check if road ahead is safe for me to proceed. You made the moonContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together”

Moon talk – I

I was staring at the ever-changing world as usual. Some people enjoying their life and some frowning. Suddenly I saw entire world started merrymaking and cheering at once. I was surprised looking at this scene. I asked earth, “what happened?”. Earth replied smiling, “Don’t ask me? It is extremely difficult to understand the logic ofContinue reading “Moon talk – I”

Back To Future … VIII

After spending so many years abroad returning back to stay with family was like heavenly experience. I used to wake up hearing the Gita chanting of my grand children. Initially it sounded like noise but due to their sweet voice and nice rhythm it started giving me good feeling. Kids came running to me and said,Continue reading “Back To Future … VIII”