2064 – My Encounter with Future

“Saagar!! Sagar!! Saaagar!! Sagar!!”, huge sound waves coming from the partially opened window. Sagar was unaffected by this affectionate roar of his fan following, as it is since past 20 years he has been hearing. Presence of this is not making his life any different and it must be hard for him to believe thatContinue reading “2064 – My Encounter with Future”

My life: My movie

Life is a blockbuster movie which is made for you, by you and on you. You are the leading star of this movie and this movie is a super duper hit in the box office. There are various supporting actors in this movie who are also stars in their own movie but they have come toContinue reading “My life: My movie”

Tete-e-Tete with Past … IV

“People are not sure what to believe and what not to. They know what is right and what is wrong but they are not sure what action is appropriate.Current government is full of corrupt ministers, the prime minister is mum despite seeing all the various misdeeds happening around him. People have lost trust on thisContinue reading “Tete-e-Tete with Past … IV”

Maa …

My Dear Maa, Date: 05/05/2011 Place: Vadodara Take my Pranam. This is the first time I am writing a letter to you. The last time I had written letter was during ‘Letter writing lesson’ at school. So, I might miss following some letter writing etiquettes which you taught. I have forgotten many things that youContinue reading “Maa …”

My Irritating Companion

She was hiding behind the door when I reached home. I opened the door, entered into the house and sat on my chair. She was behind me. I did not notice her at all. She was around, when I finished my day end work and went up to bed. She did not show up atContinue reading “My Irritating Companion”


Morning 9:30 AM, I was alone from my team, sitting and reading emails from past night and flagging them so that I can remember which one I have to work the same day and which ones are just reference emails. I saw one email from expert of a key functionality in response to a questionContinue reading “Surrender”

Why I love Vadodara? Last part

“What a match? Yesterday was fun”. Okay, It is safe and better for humanity if I stop talking about cricket. Let me continue writing what I left incomplete yesterday. Although I have only 20 minutes to write this blog but I will try to complete it today. My city is the one which gives meContinue reading “Why I love Vadodara? Last part”

Why I love Vadodara? Part I

“Maja Ma?“ He asked when he met me in the lift.  This means ‘Happy?’. I smiled at him to convey the answer in affirmative. This is the way how people greet here in Vadodara (or Gujarat). I never realized anything special about this, till my father pointed this out. Anywhere in this world you go,Continue reading “Why I love Vadodara? Part I”

The Singer in Me

“There is a inter-school song competition. All interested participants have to go through a screen test. If you qualify then we will let you represent the school” head master announced this during prayers. I thought why not try my luck. Not because I wanted to become professional singer but because I like participating in anyContinue reading “The Singer in Me”