Office Tea Time Talk

“I want this world to be free from mis-communications and misunderstandings. It is so much of wastage of time and energy to clear these. Why can’t people just understand. I don’t misunderstand anybody because I think both the sides of the story when I hear something that is not clear.”, Rakesh was blabbering as usualContinue reading “Office Tea Time Talk”

Moon Tumaku Bhalapaye (I love you)

“Did you get something that I sent you?” after accumulating courage for last 3 days, consulting three and half friends, spending sleepless nights since last 3 nights he could ask this question to Anuradha. He had sent one poetry cum love letter with proposal to become life partner. Writing this poetry was not easy atContinue reading “Moon Tumaku Bhalapaye (I love you)”

Pitri Dance : My Survival Tool

“Look at at the third button of your shirt, How dare you wear a belt?,Why your shoes are not polished? Stand straight” I was hearing all these commanding voices while constantly looking at my third button of my shirt. It is almost one hour over we were standing in a line. I am trying toContinue reading “Pitri Dance : My Survival Tool”