Who are you????

Since long I am seeing you everywhere and I just realized that all the problems I am facing or happening around me, is due to you. I see you are the person who is keeping the house untidy and lacks aesthetic sense. This causes me angry and unhappy. You are the person who spoils myContinue reading “Who are you????”

Tete-e-Tete with Past … (Movement or Agitation?)

“How come you are here when your nation needs you to go and support the movement?”, Dadu asked me as soon as he saw me in the park. “I do not think this as a movement rather I would call this as an agitation. I do not buy the idea behind the agitation. I doContinue reading “Tete-e-Tete with Past … (Movement or Agitation?)”

Corruption Series: Understanding Corruption

My father believes that corruption is an integral part of this society and.it is not possible to eradicate We all have learnt bribing much before we learnt the meaning of money. Bribing something in order to get something accomplished is taught to every kid by his parents. My father also shared me that when he gotContinue reading “Corruption Series: Understanding Corruption”

The “I” in India

“ I am paying so much of tax every  year but this government is not doing anything. See how much is the corruption these days. There are no proper garbage collection system.” My friend complained. “All these money is going in these corrupt ministers pocket or corrupt beurocrats pocket.” he continued and he also provedContinue reading “The “I” in India”

Corruption Series: Confession

A loaded truck, one tired one year old kid, exhausted wife and me, waiting outside a Octroi check post. I can see the driver of my truck pleading to the officer. I do not know anything about what discussion is going on. The only thought I had is, how soon I can get inside myContinue reading “Corruption Series: Confession”