One small love story : Rahul

“Am I not worth?  Am I born to die alone? Is being good not good enough? Why people don’t understand me? Why there are nobody in this world to understand my feelings?”, Questions cloud has covered Rahul while he was staring at the picnic spot way below. He was standing on the cliff.  He neverContinue reading “One small love story : Rahul”

Ek Aur Ek Gyarah

An exhausted Bagmita came to bed after a day’s hard work. She was thinking of crashing on the bed but as soon as she reached the bed, her elder daughter got up crying. There is no reason why she was crying and it took another one hour for Bagmita to make her sleep. It is not uncommon, getting up earlyContinue reading “Ek Aur Ek Gyarah”

Who killed my mood?

Aangry-bhai got up in the morning, opened the door to take the milk packets and kept them in the kitchen. Opened the packets and poured it in a vessel in order to boil. Then natures call did not allow him to stand for another one minute so he ran to the toilet. When he returned after answeringContinue reading “Who killed my mood?”

Noisy Shoes

“Kuinch Kuinch Kuinch Kuinch” an irritating noise that drew everybody’s attention. All members on the floor started looking for the source of this noise. They noticed a dirty pair of shoes. This added to their irritation. Some were in the middle of their complex analysis and many were in the middle of a serious business thought. ItContinue reading “Noisy Shoes”