Kannada Gottilla (ಕನ್ನಡ ಗೊತ್ತಿಲ್ಲ)

Hattu Rupayi“, Conductor responded when I asked ‘Estu?” after boarding the bus. I was super excited to try my kannada and get a response. But now the trouble was to understand what hattu means. I flashed a ten rupee note to him and he grabbed it quickly and returned me a ticket in no time and moved to the next passenger. I carefully looked at the ticket to see it was written 10 in English. So I learnt two new words now. Hattu and Estu. I thought I will boast my kannada knowledge with my bengali room mates. We used to live in Behala (Calcutta) prior to shifting our base to bangalore.

“You know what Estu (ಎಷ್ಟು) means?”, I asked with an enlightened look.

My friend responded after a long quizzical look, “S2 is the bus number we used to take from Howrah to Behala”.

ooops I did not realize Estu can be interpreted as S2 so I helped him understand what I meant and we all had a hearty laugh.

This beautiful city Bangalore welcomed me and many of my friends, many from our college, my home state and many from all states of India with open arms, kindness, love and affection. We never needed to change the way we lived or spoke and could focus on only one thing. That is to get a job and live a life we dreamt. All these were easy and today after 20 years I have gone beyond what I dreamt and created many more dreams and achieved them as well but still do not hesitate to say Kannadq Gottilla (ಕನ್ನಡ ಗೊತ್ತಿಲ್ಲ) when anybody speaks with me in kannada. I feel this as my failure definitely but I fall in love with this state and city every moment I think what this city and state has given me unconditionally.

Like me millions of Indians have transformed their life, turned their dream into reality and created dream for millions back home. But when we gather anywhere we do not hesitate to complain about the traffic, roads, drainage, politics and many more without any guilt.

On this pious occasion of kannada Rajyotshava we should take a vow to learn Kannada and ensure our children learn Kannada.

I started practicing spoken Kannada through https://www.bhasha.io/ and fortunately one of my kid started learning Kannada as 3rd Language.

I have started mine, what about you?

*Pardon any mistakes in my Kannada script as it was copied from Google Translator

How to be RICH?

We encounter at-least one occurrence in a week (Now a days daily) where we hear somebody is seeking help. Somebody needs blood of our blood group, children and homeless elderly seeking support, people seeking job, small business seeking money or friends seeking some help. Social media has enabled us to seek help to an unknown crowd easily and to reach unknown needy easily.

I must confess, I have not engaged with any of these till date. Not sure what the justification my mind gave in each occurance but I can say for sure I was selfish, insensitive and lesser human in all those occurrences. When I say I have not engaged, I meant I did respond to them and shared few words of solace but did not change my routine to help them. I thought somebody will take care or they can find some help themselves. My main reason for not engaging is not that I will lose anything but I did not want break the routine of my day and my life for them and go out of my way to feel and thing like them to find some help for them.

In a recent occurance I was in a situation where I needed help. I was overwhelmed by the kind of support and help i received from my friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Few of my friends spent hours together to plan for my success and few made regular visits breaking their personal life routine to give me company, few called me every other day to boost my morale and few helped me silently without even telling me. Few of my friends bought books for me to remain strong. Every one of them went out of their way to think, feel and do things for me which gave me greater morale boost. I did not feel weak or down for a single moment.

Yes, I am blessed to have such friends, colleagues and acquaintances and can never thank them enough in my life time but this made me realise how less of human life I was leading till date. How engrossed and intoxicated I was with my own journey of life and myself. I realised how a person feels when in need of help. I learnt life’s depth may be within you but it grandness is through magnanimity towards others.

How can you help somebody in need?

Reach out to understand what is the need, what is the temporary plan and what long term plans the person has to overcome the problem. Reach out means a conversation through phone call, emails or chat.

Imagine yourself in that situation and see what would would have needed and then act accordingly as the other person as a fellow human needs the same as you irrespective of their social status or financial status.

Compassion towards the needy helps you understand the situation better. Many a time we blame the person for his or her failures and count the wrong decisions or criticise the attitude and behaviour of the person.

Hope is what keeps the world running. Give hope along with helping hand. This can keep the person motivated enough to find his or her own way. If you cant do anything else, just do this.

Happy Helping!

How to prepare for a crisis?

I always wondered, how much preparation for future is enough. Something like how much insurance is enough.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What are we preparing for when we state preparing for future.

Identity is at stake: Basic criteria of your identity are at stake, like your residence status, religion, caste, creed , sex, skin color or culture. Most of us think this is far from reality but a major portion of the world population are finding themselves insecure due to these factors. Some who thought they are safe at their home, state or country suddenly start feeling insecure due to some political event. I have heard stories from my relatives who suddenly realised that they are part of a different country and had to gradually lose every bit of their earning and identity before they took refuge in another country and live a miserable life.

Health is at stake: Your physical or mental health can go wrong at any moment. You, who think can earn for your family forever suddenly go invalid or less capable. Somebody has to take care of the earning that you were bringing as well as take care of your health and recovery. Even if you lack no skills, you still will become a liability. I know people suddenly going invalid at peak of their career and their family takes years to cope with this.

Source of income is at stake: This is a common insecurity and many are facing this at this point of time all over the world. Losing job or your business losing its environment to function or losing its customer can happen any time. This is most common than any of the above still most of us are not ready to accept that this can ever happen to us. I know many of my readers are currently going through this.

We need to prepare for the above major circumstances.

Saving Money, may help in second and third situation but not in the first. But nevertheless it is always a good idea to save money that can protect you from any untoward incidence for one year of your current monthly expenditure and all annual payouts like school fees, insurance etc. When I am stating saving, it means saving not investment. Save money such that you can easily access from anywhere and at anytime. Once this is there, start investing so that you can cope with future demands and inflation. I am no financial advisor hence take help of qualified ones to plan this.

But saving money can only save you a little. Here are the list of investments you need to prepare yourself for any circumstance.

Invest in your mental sanity: The most important investment is to teach and train your mind to remain calm, positive and optimistic at any circumstance. You can not do this when you are in a crisis hence need to prepare when things are right so that it helps you when you are in a crisis. Regular meditation, positive input to your brain through reading or listening constructive content and having friends who are always positive in their approach. If you can only invest in one thing then it should be on your mental sanity.

Invest in relationship: Friends, are beautiful creation of god. They can come in various forms, shapes and sizes. They can do wonders. They can bail you out from the worst of the situations. You don’t make friends for your crisis but for your companionship, but they come to rescue in every situation even if you are wrong. Family is your closest when you are at crisis. They too get affected when you get affected. They have to go though the same mental trauma when you are in trouble and can become a burden can support if you do not take care during your happy times. Ensure you infuse positivity, optimism and togetherness in happy times so that during a crisis they multiply your strength.

Invest in your personal brand: Your personal brand can not be associated with the job you do, the way you look or the identity you gain due to external factors. It is you, your thoughts and philosophy. Even people take your body from you, can not snatch your brand. You can think of your brand as what people will discuss about you when you die. Build it every day through your contributions to society through your deeds and words. This brand can bail you out at your worst situations.

Invest in your physical health: It is difficult to do any of the above if you are living a bad lifestyle. Body is the machine that makes you run. You have to ensure it does not become your liability.

Happy Investment!

Conflict: A necessity, Respect: A tool

Drizzling sky was looking sad. I looked at them from my window and asked what happened?. Ir said with disinterest, “Low pressure at Bay of Bengal”. I laughed and said why can’t you stay normal. Always low or high. And I said “Why can’t you guys come to some term and be friends.”

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

Cloud intervened, “Hello Mr.”

It continued after a pause so that I can locate it, ” These conflicts in nature let’s you live. Your society exists because of these conflicts”.

“How can you say we exist due to conflicts? Conflicts are bad we should avoid”, I protested as it made no sense to me.

Sky replied, “Conflicts are beautiful phenomena. We are in constant conflict throughout the day. We recognise some, do not realise some and ignore some. There is not a single moment when we do not have conflict with something or other.

“We can consider conflict as unevenness. Uneven pressure causes rain, wind flow or even storm. Uneven levels causes a river to flow. Unevenness in demand and supply helps run economies. Inequalities causes creation of various different activities in society and creativity. Art, drama, music all are results of conflicts in some or other form.

“Absence of conflict will convert everything to a dead stone. No cause will arise hence no effect.”, Sky explained.

“But conflicts hurt.”, I murmured.

Cloud responded, “What hurts in not the conflict but the lack of rhythm during conflict. When the intention is not to prove your point but hurt the other person so that other person is forced to agree with you. During a conflict every side wants to prove itself as right but problem is when any side tries to hurt the other side through physical pain or mental pain. In simple term when any one side stops respecting the other side. Thats a hurtful and negative conflict.”

“Any partner is called as a successful partner when they have conflict where each one brings a different point of view and there is respect for each other. lack of conflict between partners creates either suppression of one side or lack of emotional connect.

“When wind blows at a speed enough to soothe us we call it nice but if it hurts us we us we call it storm. When it rains enough to the need of the people we call it good rain but when it hurts due to excessiveness we call it bad. Similarly when any relationship maintains a good level of conflict its called a good relationship else it hurts.”

“Oh wow! Thats good to know.”, I responded with a sigh of understanding.

“How do I maintain that rhythm?”, I asked.

“Respect! Gratitude! Active Engagement!”, Sky responded and cloud nodded its head.

Cloud added,”Every day try to spend sometime to give respect and show gratitude living and non-living existence in nature. Throughout the day when you engage with any, ensure its active not just for any specific transaction. Practice over a period will enable you to bring rhythm with the old around you”.

Cloud flew towards south as it found pressure is low there and said goodbye to me.

AUM : Let the learning begin

When you find you and the stone in front of you are made with the same minutest material and the difference is only in the awareness, sensitivity and purpose in this universe, you will start your journey in true sense.

Ability to find the presence of your pure self in every entity of this universe makes you aware. (A)

Understanding your purpose and every tiny little entity’s purpose is to serve the universe and everything within it. No purpose is small or wrong or big or right is the understanding will make you content. (U)

Merging your consciousness, ability and energy with everything irrespective of their visibility through your naked eye will let you expand and feel the joy of openness. This is when you start learning. No knowledge looks alien. Learning happens in a flow.

This is the state where you start your journey. Remaining in this state of union with universe will make you going deeper, getting better and life a fulfilled life.

Dwija: Second Born

Thought would go on an endless journey and far away from people I know. I will go to an unknown world where I create an identity of my own. No baggage or expectations from the past will trouble me. I will wipe every bit of history and start writing life with new terms and conditions.

The journey was not as easy as the ghosts of the past were coming to me, again and again, to remind me what I had left at home. Shooing them away was as difficult as life.

I increased my pace, created a shield of hatred to avoid those ghosts from coming back. My pace had increased so much that it would look like running.

An older man under a banyan tree was looking at me through his curious eyes. His look was such magnetic that I immediately got attracted to him, and to my favor, ghosts of the past vanished as well.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I strolled toward him. He was old but bright. I could see glows in his face, and was smiling unconditionally. He had covered himself with a big cloth.

As I was getting closure, my steps were getting slower. I felt as if he is my own.

I sat next to him. He did not utter a single word nether. I sat next to him, and he took a piece of thick bread out from his bag, broke it into two parts, and gave me one. I hesitantly took that, and he started chewing his portion.

I was hungry for long, so quickly finished the portion and asked, “Who are you?”.

He was still chewing his first bite. He swallowed what he was chewing and answered, “You.”

I said, “I am .. “, Not sure what he meant but I was eager for my mental cloud to rain.

I did not know how to introduce myself. Loser, fighter, achiever of the past, failure of today, human, not sure. I am not getting anything positive to tell about myself now.

He was smiling, “I am ‘you.’ You are me. We all are one entity.”, He said. It felt like old man blabbering to me as he made no sense.

“I am disturbed, angry, frustrated, tired,” I said. I felt like speaking my heart out in front of him.
“I am a fool, an idiot,” I vented.
“I left all my world behind to create a new life from now on. I will make it. I will rise again. I will prove my being,”, I said.

His curious eyes are such that I felt like speaking endlessly till I have nothing left in me. I kept expressing my anger, frustration, and as I was feeling better, I started sharing my mistakes, my learning, and he was as quiet as the tree and rocks. I was feeling so better that I shared my plans for rebuilding life.

By the time I finished speaking, I felt so relaxed that I felt like lying down under the shadow of the banyan tree and taking a good nap. He could understand. He took a blanket out of his bag and spread it on the ground. I stretched myself and started looking at the big branches, thick leaves, and almost invisible sky. In no time I was asleep.

I woke up to the chirping birds returning to their nests. I saw the old man has given his shawl to cover me and his handmade cloth bag is under my head as a pillow. I searched for him but was found nowhere. I just found a small notebook inside the bag.

“Chew food like you never wanted to swallow. Listen like you are born to listen, speak when people are desperate to hear from you”, This is what is written on the first page of the notebook.

I turned to next to read, “Dwija: Born second time is the name of wise and intellectuals. If you are truly enlightened to consider yourself as born again, you will achieve greater heights. The first birth is from your mother’s womb, and the second is from the womb of learning. Start as a child; inquisitiveness and curiosity are your two basic tools. Use them for living. Start like you know nothing. You will go far and beyond. Good luck!”, Turned the page to read more.

“I will come running as you did. Return me this book, my blanket, bag, and shawl. Earn enough to have a bread with you for me. Remember the three qualities on the first page that you need to have control over your life.”, the rest of the notebook was empty.

I gathered all belongings and folded and kept them neatly inside the bag. Slowly started the journey of my new life.

Possible, it is

Possibility is a word with unbound hope, optimism, and aspiration. You do not know what you can achieve until it is achieved.

We enjoy rags to riches stories as that shows us possibility when everything looks impossible. We celebrate good over evil because it shows us possibility where winning was perceived impossible.

Whether story or life, it becomes a blockbuster when possibilities are explored and achieved. Challenges in life are faced to nudge you and trigger that extraordinary ability that is dormant in you to explore possibilities from the ocean of impossible.

If you bring a fist of sand from a sandy desert or a sea beach, nobody will find it amusing nor you. But when you find a pearl from an ocean, then it will be your prized possession.

What do we need to find possibilities when the world around looks like an impossible place?

  • A positive attitude that demonstrates undeterred belief in yourself
  • Constant move (few wrong, few rights) in whichever way you can think, your eyes can see. Don’t waste time planning too much.
  • Count smaller wins and cherish them. Pamper yourself with positive reflections. Do things that will give your guaranteed success, however small it may be.

But it will be easier said than done. So you have to ensure, You surround yourself with friends and family who will protect you from getting negative or demotivated.

Choose companionship of individuals (however close they may be) who will demotivate or remind you of your inabilities or weaknesses carefully.

Possibility is a journey, continue exploring till you seize to exist.

The Happiness Channel

5 Distractions to Magnificence

Looking at he beautiful creation at the nearby park I was amused. How did a small ant build such a magnificent structure. Looked around for the creators and spotted them.

“Hello Gentlebeings! Have few questions? Can you answer?”

“If you walk along we can, but can’t stop for you. Sorry!”

I agreed and asked, “How do you create such beautiful anthills? You are so tiny and this is so big structure?”

One of the leading ants responded, “When you know how to do, you utilize all your physical and mental faculties to do the act and you have no expectation than just doing the act wholeheartedly, your end result is ultimate.”

“I also know how to do so many things well but my creations are mediocre. Why is it so difficult?”, I asked.

“Because the focus is not on the journey or pleasure of the action but on the

  • Beauty of the creation
  • Reaction of people
  • Gains or losses after it is created
  • Getting the work done so that we can move to another
  • Different sensory needs

These are inbuilt distractions created by nature to differentiate between a good and great. When you know how to successfully avoid them you will get your masterpiece created.”

“True but how to avoid?”, I asked.

“Engaging with the act like the act is no different than you. Like you breathe. Do you ever answer anybody asking you ‘what are you doing?’ that ‘you are breathing’. Because it’s part of you living, life and you.”

They entered into small holes in the tree and I could not wait long for them to return. They did not even bother to say good bye to me. I would do that to any of my admirers. But then I recalled, in the journey of creating magnificence you don’t bother about the reactions of people. So I returned home.

Is it the road or you?

Road Never ending

Road may be narrow, edges may be crooked, destination may look far and clouds may dampen the journey still keep going undeterred. It’s not about them, it is about you.

You who defined your world with its limits and restrictions. You are the one who chose the path. You who carefully selected your mates and foes.

You are the one who walked with chest pumped up by the pride of your decisions and stiffened its legs of confidence.

Now it is unfair to sing the song of road or the journey, destination or destiny, cloud or the rain.

Stand there and shed the flabs of ego, misconceptions, twisted beliefs, corrupted temperament and look inside. Understand yourself, listen to your mind, converse with your thumping heart and find the purpose that is inbuilt.

Look at yourself like a child making its first step without the botheration of shaking legs. The same people who you feel are pointing their fingers of criticism are actually clapping with your every move.

Now you see a beautiful country road with greeneries all around, dancing on the aspiration to meet the mountains of joy while clouds blessing you the protection from sun. You are the one this path has chosen and you are celebrity walking on this path.

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