Kindness! Start at home : Meditation Series

“Don’t worry if it is taking time. Make sure efforts are on. Question yourself if you have put in the right amount of effort and try to stretch yourself a bit more than yesterday. You will get it.”, a teacher said to its students who were struggling to get the concept.

As teachers teach from home due to pandemics, the Teacher’s ten-year-old son was sitting next to him. After the class was over, he asked, “Maa, you speak so nicely with your students, but when I tell you that I am not getting it, you scold me, ridicule me. Why?”, Teacher was not sure how to respond, but it made her think deep into her behavior towards her son.

Is this Teacher an exception, or are we all like that?

You address your friend’s problem with so much gentleness and care so that your friend is not hurt, but when it comes to your spouse, you possibly ridicule her or him for not doing something right.

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A hammer and a key both can unlock a lock, but we prefer a key when we want the lock to be used for a long period and a hammer when we have no other option but to unlock it for once. A perfectly designed key to get into the lock’s core or heart puts the right amount of pressure in the right direction for it to open. At the same time, the hammer hurts the lock so much so that lock opens out of desperation.

Are we behaving like a key to our loved ones, or do we not have the patience to do that? Whereas we have the patience to give direction to our friends, colleagues, and unknown people. Do we use the hammer technique and expect the lock to work for years?

Why do we lose patience when it’s our loved ones with whom we live day in and day out, whereas we hold enormous patience for outsiders.

As we grow up, it starts with siblings, then mother, spouse and this lists keep on increasing.

Have we started taking people for granted, and the result is we miss the tenderness in dealing with them?

Question these to realize yourself and may help understand certain behaviors by the same people towards you. Some might have gone silent over the years, and some very, very violent.

And by the way, even if you are the one who got hurt by the hammer technique, still show the kindness for the other person and use the key technique as that will help him or her to realize. Tit for tat is good for ego but very harmful for heart.

Many people think sitting quietly and stopping the random thoughts is called meditation, and many declare that is impossible for them to do; hence they don’t like meditation. With my limited knowledge, I would like to share what I consider meditation.

Let’s reclaim the family space, let’s not take them for granted, let kindness towards them be our default behavior. This practice is meditation. This practice will expand your heart, and you will be more successful in your life.

Enjoy every bit of belonging : Meditation Series

A kid playing with a punctured tyre he acquired from a dustbin next to his house became the talk of the Basti. He is not eligible to work due to his disability; hence his parents leave him alone at Basti and go to the nearby construction site. A half pant, swollen belly, thin limbs, and a big smile is his identity. He is an expert in making the tyre go in any terrain using just one hand. His friends in the Basti are jealous of him. Even the kids in the nearby apartments. They can’t resist but follow this kid running around balancing the tyre. Even if you stop him to ask something, he will not let the tyre fall. He will go around you or make the tyre go around him, but at no condition, it should stop.

P.C. Sayali Patil Post

When he was younger, his parents were working for an apartment next to a railway track. As usual, he was playing all day. He found a small puppy under a stationary goods train on the railway track. He went slowly and extended his hands to grab the puppy and make it his own. The puppy was scared and was pulling itself out, and suddenly the train started shunting, and his left hand got trapped under the wheel. He cried a lot, but there was nobody to hear. It was trapped under the monstrous steel wheels for more than half an hour, and when it was released, he ran to his parents and then to the doctor. The only option left was amputation.

He is the one-handed tyre hero of the basti and nearby areas. Kids whose parents bought them PSP, XBOX, cricket kits, and many other expensive sorting equipment were jealous of him. They wanted to play with him, compete with him, and someday win in a tyre race. But these unfortunately educated, well-to-do parents could never understand. They used to follow him and see how he balances the tyre over a railway track, on a rough road, rolling over potholes, rocks, and stairs.

One day a news channel featured him, and help started pouring from all over the world. He got admission into a good school. He and his parents are now living in a housing society built by them for the poor migrants. He wears a uniform to school and otherwise also dressed. But he did not leave his iconic half pant and tyre. It still roams all over the city and attracts kids to play inexpensive outdoor games.

Not sure what caught your attention in the above story, but whatever caught your attention most determines your heart set.

  • Suppose you were sad about his financial condition, you cherish material pleasures more.
  • if you are proud of his expertise in rolling a tyre, you value human capacities more than others.
  • If the kids all around following him are what you felt more excited about, you respect fame and attention the most.

Acknowledge and appreciate your choice and work towards it. Nothing wrong with any of these; wrong is when we deny what we like, wrong is when we encourage falsehood for the sake of being idealistic. Being honest to ourselves is the biggest form of meditation.

Another point I would like you to pay attention to. It is not his poverty or amputated hand that made him popular. Instead, those were the setups for him to lead a pathetic life, but his passion towards one positive thing and just one positive thing, how trivial it may be, made him deny the predestined life and create his destiny. He enjoyed life with whatever he had. He valued his belongings, whether the punctured tyre, worn out half pant or his ability to make a tyre roll. He valued them and did not choose different things on different days to entertain himself. He valued his belongings so much that they became his identity.

Many people think sitting quietly and stopping the random thoughts is called meditation, and many declare that is impossible for them to do; hence they don’t like meditation. With my limited knowledge, I would like to share what I consider meditation.

Identifying where your heart is, what you already have, and making most out of it day after day without adding new entertainment tools is a form of meditation. Enjoying every bit of your belonging is meditation.

Express Yourself : Meditation Series

Bramha-rishi is the highest form of the spiritual scientist as per Indian philosophy. Very few gain this title.

Brahma-Rishi Viswamitra of Gayatri Mantra fame was not born rishi. He had to do many of the toughest Tapasya (penance) to reach a higher order of rishi to gain all the powers a rishi could get. He could reach maha-rishi, the second highest order in spiritual scientist rank. But he was determined to reach the highest order.

His purpose of getting Brahma-rishi was to defeat Brahma-rishi Vashist. But despite all attempts, he could not achieve it.

After several attempts, he realized that he had not expressed his weakness. He meditated upon it to realize his most profound weakness was to take revenge, defeat somebody, punish somebody, teach a lesson to somebody. Despite all his efforts, he could not get to the highest order due to this weakness. Then he contemplated, ‘the very reason I did all these is to take revenge, but I can not reach this level without getting rid of the thought of this revenge.

But.’ as a social scientist, he realized his service to the world would be more meaningful than taking revenge. He mediated to get rid of the thought of revenge, and he reached the rishi of the highest order and made a lot of discoveries in the spiritual world that is still helping the human race.

Your vulnerabilities, fear of exposing your weaknesses, those hidden tears of expression must be out for you to live a free life. How much ever the intellectual knowledge you gather, you will be incomplete without your ability to expresses your deepest wounds, aching guilts, and sincerest confessions.
Expressions are tricky because you don’t find that trustworthy person who can give you those non-judgemental ears in need of critical expressions. That leads to the second-best opportunity to write them down in your journal and write as if nobody were reading. But the expression is a must.

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Many people think sitting quietly and stopping the random thoughts is called meditation, and many declare that is impossible for them to do; hence they don’t like meditation. With my limited knowledge, I would like to share what I consider meditation.

Identifying your deepest scars, weaknesses, guilts and expressing them to somebody you trust is the essence of meditation. Let the tears roll, let the wound be visible, let you stand naked in public, but the expression is the must.

Free from Bondages : Meditation Series

A nice cool breeze in the summer morning feels like cuddling the pillow and sleeping for some more time, but a burning thought where an action that is expected from you else you may get ridiculed doesn’t let you rest few more minutes.

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You prepare an entire day perfecting your content and yourself for that one meeting to avoid any negative comment from an individual, and you do nothing but that one work entire day.

You remain on your toes to ensure nothing goes wrong the entire day to avoid negative feedback from that one approver.

You act to avoid a negative reaction from that approver, and you feel your day is the best day when that approver appreciates you. That approver can be anybody. It may be your wellwisher or your worst enemy. It may be your spouse, manager, parents, in-laws, children or anybody.

You live your life to satisfy that one individual. You don’t quit that relationship or leave those people despite torture because your only aim in life is to get positive feedback from that individual.

There are many suffering from domestic violence, and their reason for sticking to that relationship is not because of love or duty but waiting for that approval. They have never thought of their life beyond the purpose of achieving approval from that one individual.

Many hate their manager, supervisor but still continue to stick to the situation. Not because of their devotion to the company or helplessness of not getting a job anywhere but to get approval from that individual.

It’s not just other people; certain environmental situations drive you crazy. You do not stay in your usual self. Your goodself exits when you encounter such environmental condition. For some, when they see mud or dirty water or they step into dirty water or mud, they get out of their mind. Some individuals turn crazy when they hear somebody behind them is honking. Anybody shouting at our dear ones or joking about our near ones get some people angry.

Sometimes your own beliefs about your body, financial situation, standard of living becomes the cause of turning on your negative self. You live in that body or situation but you hate it. This is also a bondage.

These are bondages. The moment you are not in your own self, but any external individual or situation turns you into a different self, its a bondage.
Many do not even realize that they are in bondage.

If you spend a day identifying the bondages you might be having and listing them down, you will immediately find your outlook towards the world will change completely.

When you analyze each of those bondages and try rationalizing your behavior in such situations, over some time, you will find these bandages will vanish, and you will behave at your good self even in such situations or with such people. Some will take less time to be freed from, and some may take longer if you keep trying judiciously.

Many people think sitting quietly and stopping the random thoughts is called meditation, and many declare that is impossible for them to do; hence they don’t like meditation. With my limited knowledge, I would like to share what I consider meditation.

Identifying your bondages, listing them down, rationalizing each of them till they vanish is the essence of meditation.

Rest, Resolve and Realize : Meditation Series

Many people think sitting quietly and stopping the random thoughts is called meditation and many declare that is impossible for them to do hence they don’t like meditation. With my limited knowledge I would like to share what I consider as meditation.

Resolving the unresolved, resting the unrest and realizing the truth is the essence of meditation. Let me explain you how.

A used tissue on the floor next to your work desk since last night’s snack, raising its hand and crying loudly. It pleads to pick it up and send it to its dear dustbin home. We pass through that several times but somehow did not get that motivation to bend and lift that entity and give it some solace.

A dying plant, whom you brought with lots of love, placed in the kitchen and promised to take care of, is dying out of thirst. You forget every time to pour few drops of water.

Thirty minutes of exercise, which you could have done instead of scrolling up and down through the Instagram posts and funny videos, always felt left out from your life.

These and a million other thoughts you pretend you forgot are sitting in your mind and conspiring against you every day. 

They are the ones who make you angry, sad, irritated, tired, and stressed.

Multiple priorities and our heroic belief that we are multitaskers leave many unsettled tasks poking us now and then. They are not urgent but may be essential or even unimportant, but they are constantly running in our mind at the subconscious level, and at times when we are at peace, we come to our conscious level and give us few adrenaline shots. We again push them back with the dopamine of procrastination or some other lazy reactions. They are like those jobs and apps that we do not use but constantly drain our battery and memory.

Rest, Resolve or Realize is what they need. Find some time during the day when you are your energy at its peak. Think of those pending tasks. Don’t create a To-Do. Just do it. First, pick all easy and quick ones and complete them one by one. They need 3 types of actions.

  1. Some tasks may not need any action as it is just an annoying worry. Think through up to your satisfaction and put it to rest.
  2. Some tasks require action. Act on them or at least initiate a process of taking action for those.
  3. There are some which require you to realize, learn from it, understand something. Do that.

You will find these tasks will vanish from your mind and give you so much space to do the real ones you need energy for.

And this is nothing but meditation.

Seek The Truth : Meditation Series

Many people think sitting quietly and stopping the random thoughts is called meditation and many declare that is impossible for them to do hence they don’t like meditation. With my limited knowledge I would like to share what I consider as meditation.

Seeking truth like a skillful detective is meditation. Let me explain you, how.

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Mind is like water. It fills the space that is unknown with theories that looks like truth. This is called perception.

If a friend goes silent for a while and we do not get a direct answer ‘Why?’, we keep filling that space with various possibilities and then try connecting dots from the available data points and create our own theory. We don’t stop there, we share this with our other friends and make the world believe that our theory is true.

We see the same newsmakers (in the form of Journalists) doing day in and day out for us so that we remain entertained and they earn their living.

Most of the times (if not always) this theory which is created by individuals other than the person concerned, are wrong or twisted. Because we see the world the way we are and our theories are built considering our limitations and possibilities, not of the concerned individual.

This misinformation that we create and spread does no good to us or the person concerned or the society.

If we put efforts to understand the ‘other being’ by attempting to ask right questions, gathering right data and creating right environment for the other individual to share, might help knowing the truth and helping the individual. Yes, This is difficult to do but worthwhile.

The same is true for ourselves too. We assume our abilities, disabilities, opportunities, possibilities and give some options and opportunities premature death by our wrong perception about ourselves. If we invest time in seeking the truth when we have any problem or opportunity in-front of us, create conducive environment for us to think clearly so that we can see all options, keep attempting all options till they no longer exist as options, make all your faculties (Mind, body, spirit) agile and healthy so that they all can contribute effectively to the thought process, you will find the most effective solution.

Helping self find right answer by seeking truth is one form of meditation.

Love yourself to be able to keep calm. And calm yourself to be able to love

‘You look beautiful, I said with the flower arrangement. It is nothing special, but I liked it a lot. I kept looking at it for a while.

Marigold at the center smiled and was feeling awkward. I could see it blush, and the flowers around started looking elsewhere.

I asked, “What?” with a smile.
“Don’t stare at us like that; it’s embarrassing.”
“I have somehow fallen in love. How can you be so beautiful” I asked.

One of the naughty ones among them said, “It’s in your looks, not in us that makes us beautiful. It’s your mental state and calmness which make you fall in love. We look important to you because of your focus and priority. There is nothing in us. Now, will you stop staring, please? It’s uncomfortable, and she blushed, and they all laughed”. I looked at the window.

Marigold, the queen, said, “I disapprove of her tone, but Yes, she is right. Beauty and love is always a personal affair. The person who is falling in love or appreciating the beauty is defining it. And that is only possible when you give the entity attention and priority over zillion other things in your mind. When you focus on a prioritized entity, you calm your mind, and that is enough to fall in love or appreciate beauty.”

“But you are beautiful, can anybody deny,” I protested.
“Do you know how many times you have stamped on me and squeezed me to death? How many times you have split me apart to pieces to guess if another loved one of you loves you or not. You have thrown me, stamped on me, squeezed me, and tore me apart. Was I not beautiful then? I was, but I was not your priority then. Now, as you are in your best mental state, you appreciate me and declare your love for me”. Marigold said.

My head dropped with shame for the acts she counted me to pain her.

The naughty one said, “Don’t feel too guilty about it. That is life. Poeple who love you will tear you apart and again they will hold you together. Just realize, this world is beautiful. Full of lovely creatures. They all have a lot to offer. They all care for you. Their love for you is undeterred. Just become a responsible one and keep yourself calm. Be at peace. Love yourself to be able to keep calm. And calm yourself to be able to love”.

I acknowledged. I understood love is always one-sided. And you love your loved ones because you prioritize them and give them undivided attention.


Hope is a torch that can light up even the darkest part of your life; Past, Present or Future.

If you lighten up the darkness of the past, it can transform it into learning, represent the cause of your strength, and make you feel proud that you overcame that period.

If you put the spotlight of the hope torch on your present worries or anxiety, it will tell you that it’s an opportunity to show your mettle, expand your horizon and push your limits.

When you shift the focus to the darkness of your future, it will make your plan, prepare than worrying and frowning.

It is already part of you, easy to carry, and can go anywhere without taking any space; it just needs your willingness to turn it on.


What’s on your mind, Sakti?

The notification alert sound kept playing even before my alarm. I woke up to see my phone is flooded with Facebook alerts. Several thousand likes and comments from known and unknown. I was wondering what did I do to get such a response as I had not posted any for the past several days. Social media has been a menace nowadays. Not being there feels you are not social and being there makes you a zombie. So after a deep thought decided to remain unsocial than being a zombie. So was about to delete my accounts but then thought let me bring some self-restraint.

Anyway, at this time it was necessary to figure out what happen and was there any damage done.

I went to my posts to find a story published by me just an hour back. I wondered, “How is it possible?”. “Did kids post something in my account?”

I read the comments stating, “nicely put”, “what a thrilling story”, “I never heard about its guy, he is awesome”. “I found my inspiration”, “Nice job” etc. All appreciations about the post.

My social media accounts are treated as family accounts and my phone is a family phone. And it’s not today, during my hostel days, my room was more crowded than the common room. Anyway, it’s 4:00 AM and who would post so late in the night. I started reading the post. I was shocked to read the post. I felt chills all over my body. My hand started trembling and my throat dried. I could not believe what I read.

I sat on my bed to read, re-read and see all details regarding the post. It was my account, posted directly from my phone unlike my usual device, computer or laptop, It has the time stamp of 3 AM.

It was the dream that I just finished watching before I was woken up by notification sounds. It’s exactly the same dream with beautiful words explaining the best way possible. It also has a picture of what I saw in my dream. It’s written so nicely that I became a fan of my post and tapped on like.

Then I saw a comment from me in the comments section. It read “Not sure how it got posted, this is the same story I saw in my dream”.

“What??!!”, I just thought about it now and it went to the comments section, right at that moment? What’s going on? I switched off my phone as I was scared to death.

I took a deep breath and then tried to do breathing exercises to calm myself down and understand what the hell going on. My hands were trembling still. I could not dare to start my phone as I felt something strange with my phone.

But could not resist turning it on again and read the posts. I was thinking how dangerous would it be if I think about any secret that I have never shared with anybody. My wandering mind took me to a childhood incidence that I have never shared with my family and friends and quickly I was made aware of the fact that Facebook can read my mind. But in no time I found that posted on Facebook and my sister calling me, “Did you really mean to post that? Since childhood, I thought it was my fault to blame you and you behave all your life that it was true. Do you know how many sleepless nights I spent due to this guilt? How could you hide from me for so long”, Before even she finished it posted a comment tagging my sister, I know I gave you many sleepless nights due to this guilt. I am sorry.

She said, “Are you listening or busy on Facebook. You are incorrigible”, and hung up the phone. There was drama going on every where due to my thoughts being broadcasted. I realize it kept posting even when I switched off the phone. The only option I had is to switch off my thoughts. I started meditation. After a while, I felt at peace.

Tried to forget about it and follow my daily routine and at 10:20 AM started my laptop to start my day with a 10:30 AM meeting. I could not resist opening the Facebook page to see my thoughts since then till 6 AM were being posted on Facebook even if my phone is off. I was dumbfounded by this and could not think of what to do.

Started searching customer support for Facebook and found their email address. I opened my mailbox to write an email to them about it as I was not in a condition to speak.

I found there is already an email from Facebook.

“Dear User,

Inadvertently we turned on a feature that was under testing and that caused your thoughts to get posted automatically into Facebook. We realized that in 3 hours and immediately turned it off.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience it might have caused you. Please find Rs 399 credit in your Facebook ad account as a gesture of appreciation for your understanding.

This is an attempt to help people with disabilities and lack typing skills to post their thoughts by just thinking about them. It is to help ensure all are included following the inclusion and diversity principle that we believe.

Also, feel free to write to us about your feedback on this new feature we are planning to launch in the year 2022. If you want to continue with this feature please write to us.


Your Facebook Team”

I was so relieved to know that they had turned off that feature post 6:00 AM but wondered how they could read my thoughts and my dreams. Is this going to be a new reality? Our privacy is no longer limited to physical privacy but mental privacy.

Whether you call it a bug or feature, it exposed a truth about the human mind and human behavior. We think beautifully but do not know how to express our thoughts. The day we learn to express and express in a timely manner we will find life will be much beautiful.

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