Making of Future … II (Unrest continues)

Saturday, 6:15 AM July 9th 2011: Place: City Park “During 1975 emergency there were many movements. Every parts of India was involved. It was hundred times bigger that this agitation. You can call that as the biggest movement after freedom movement. And remember at that time you did not have Television or Internet to give instant information butContinue reading “Making of Future … II (Unrest continues)”

Making of Future … I (Unrest)

Monday 11:30 AM, 6th June 2011: Second tea break as per routine since morning was over. Kartik was very happy remembering the face of the boy he scolded serving tea at the tea shop because he did not give tea in time. He had to wait for 10 minutes to get his much deserved tea. He wasContinue reading “Making of Future … I (Unrest)”