Am I a Responsible Member of Indian Society?

I went to file my tax returns. I submitted the certificate from the donation I made to CRY (Child Rights and You) organization where it stated I have paid Rs. 3600 for education of one needy child last year.  After filing returns, while walking back to my room I found there was a nice VadapavContinue reading “Am I a Responsible Member of Indian Society?”

Cell Phone and Parents

Today I attended my daughter’s school sports day. This was one of the most beautiful moments, to see my 4 years old cute princess standing on the tracks and competing with her classmates. They had to run a while then pick up a football and then hop from there to the ending line and sit on aContinue reading “Cell Phone and Parents”

Cell Phone and Driver

It is interesting to see how many people everyday user cell phones while driving. It does not matter whether they are driving motor bike or Car. It has become an integral part of driver’s activity. Nobody really thinks it is not right to use cell phones while driving. Today morning while driving to drop myContinue reading “Cell Phone and Driver”


“Why are you calling me now, How many times I told you not to call me during office hours” he shouted. “I am fine, I will come home as soon as my work gets over” and hung up. He saw the time in his computer, it was 11:30 PM. He continued working on the projectContinue reading “Parents”