Writing blog is such a relaxing and pleasurable act which I realized after I started writing. This is addictive too. I try to find sometime everywhere to write something. The problem is many thoughts come to my mind throughout a day but I can remember some of it while I am in a state to write blog.

Me and my blogs have become a matter of joke among my friends. One such joke was that I will write blog while doing performance appraisal for the year.

Writing is not new for me. I used to write poetries in Odia during my college days, But unlike blogs, I used to scrap them after writing because I was not interested in them after writing. The purpose was writing not reading them. Many of my friends liked some of them and one of my close friend preserved few of it. Not sure if those are still there with him or not.

Again after several years of gap I felt it is time to shape my thoughts in words. Irrespective of whether it is appreciated by others or not. At least I appreciated my thoughts, that was my satisfaction.

Shaping thoughts in words is easier in poetry than in prose because in poetry reader is expected to add some more thought to it but in prose you have to direct the reader on what to think. But the difficulty part in poetry is to have great command over the language. Although in prose you are expected to have command over language too but even if you are not very good at it, reader may understand it but in poetry it is impossible to understand.

Lack of easy software to write Odia and not very good command over English made me stop writing poetries and shift to blogging. But I have no regrets for that. I am enjoying as much as I used to enjoy writing poetries. Incomplete, unbaked, unsolved thoughts are seeing their end point through blogs.


2 thoughts on “Metablog

  1. I have read a lot of your blogs in fact i am reading abt 5-10 blogs everyday. Almost every blog of yours i have read had helped me in understanding myself and life better. Now if you can do me a favour i have a big confusion if you can help. You see almost everyone in the world know what he wants. and they have a motivation for getting that and finally they get it. But i am not sure what i want. All this is troubling me lot. If you or Dadu can help me in this i will really appreciate it. Atleast one thing i know is that i want peace of mind but i am having alot trouble in getting that because i can’t enjoy my peace of mind at the cost of my family. But still the question is same. What do i want? I don’t know. I am losing all my interests one by one. Being married and father of 1 year son at age of 27 years i don’t want to go in depression and trouble my family. Please help. Anything might help. Any new blog any personal suggestion. Please help………………

  2. HAve one more question. Although my situation has gone better after telling you my last trouble which you haven’t replied in a way i thought. but still thanks. Do you know how to learn or develop Patience? I mean is it really bad to be aggressive and loose patience? My manager says that i am an aggressive guy with fire. they way i work is the way i want progress in my career and i shall shall be patient. What do you say.

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