About Stray Dog

Stray Dog
It's me who is writing here

 Writing or Talking about a problem may not solve it or change it. Neither I am writing to change or solve anything. Just expressing my thoughts in writing so that thoughts do not go unrecorded. Now question is, who the hell am I and how much loss it is going to cause to this civilization if this person’s thoughts go unrecorded.

I always wanted to be Doctor till the time came to appear for ‘Medical Entrance Examination’. Then I wanted to become a ‘Mechanical Engineer‘. I did Mechanical Engineering, completed 4 years course at Indira Gandhi Institute Of Technology. Did not have courage to appear for GATE or CAT. Nobody gave job to a ‘Just’ mechanical engineer. Joined software course, after around 47 interviews and 36 months a software company considered me for job. So I could not become ‘Mechanical Engineer’ either. All 36 months learnt software languages like ‘Jave’ and ‘C++’  but the software company I joined gave me opportunity to work on never heard before language called ‘MUMPS‘. And the same type of work is continuing since last 10+ years.

So from above you can understand that I am a directionless human being. I do not have any aspirations and I live life as life wants me to live. One person becomes directionless when his/her thoughts are not ‘given a thought’ by the same person.  So this is an attempt to give a thought to my thought.

Stray Dog

6 thoughts on “About Stray Dog

  1. Hello,

    It is so great to find another aspiring writer. You have done great things with your posts here, so keep penning and keep inspiring! I am sure the door will open for you one day. 🙂
    I have a joyful ride in your blog, and now I’d like to invite you to visit mine. Thank you and have a wonderful day, my friend! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  2. Sometimes it just takes time to find your true direction. No matter where you are in life, you have to keep surviving and contribute something anyway, so do your best in whatever you can. IT’s good to think about your thoughts, then they become focused, when focused they can be directed, directed thoughts are creative, they create your world.

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