The Old Normal is Back!

Oh, Forgetful Creature of this universe, Oh inconsistent one!New Normal came and went, Old normal held the reign!Realization of illusion in materialism, Beauty of natureThe taste of home cooked food, good habits went in vain!False promises of human values, the myth of self-explorationinfidelity with nature, We all back in the old game! Sakti Bagchi It’sContinue reading “The Old Normal is Back!”

More Power To You

A beautiful musical toy appeared in front of me on an island where I was lost and in a desperate need of drinking water. The musical toy was out of context, but a few seconds of careful observation made me realize that I was transported to the island through my dream and the music toyContinue reading “More Power To You”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Sakti. I like listening, observing and understanding human behaviours, nature in general and the inherent rhythm. I share these through this blogs. I am a trained coach with 5+ years of successful coaching experience. I am working in IT industry for past 20 years in different roles but primarily as people management and project delivery leader.

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