Kindness! Start at home : Meditation Series

“Don’t worry if it is taking time. Make sure efforts are on. Question yourself if you have put in the right amount of effort and try to stretch yourself a bit more than yesterday. You will get it.”, a teacher said to its students who were struggling to get the concept.

As teachers teach from home due to pandemics, the Teacher’s ten-year-old son was sitting next to him. After the class was over, he asked, “Maa, you speak so nicely with your students, but when I tell you that I am not getting it, you scold me, ridicule me. Why?”, Teacher was not sure how to respond, but it made her think deep into her behavior towards her son.

Is this Teacher an exception, or are we all like that?

You address your friend’s problem with so much gentleness and care so that your friend is not hurt, but when it comes to your spouse, you possibly ridicule her or him for not doing something right.

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A hammer and a key both can unlock a lock, but we prefer a key when we want the lock to be used for a long period and a hammer when we have no other option but to unlock it for once. A perfectly designed key to get into the lock’s core or heart puts the right amount of pressure in the right direction for it to open. At the same time, the hammer hurts the lock so much so that lock opens out of desperation.

Are we behaving like a key to our loved ones, or do we not have the patience to do that? Whereas we have the patience to give direction to our friends, colleagues, and unknown people. Do we use the hammer technique and expect the lock to work for years?

Why do we lose patience when it’s our loved ones with whom we live day in and day out, whereas we hold enormous patience for outsiders.

As we grow up, it starts with siblings, then mother, spouse and this lists keep on increasing.

Have we started taking people for granted, and the result is we miss the tenderness in dealing with them?

Question these to realize yourself and may help understand certain behaviors by the same people towards you. Some might have gone silent over the years, and some very, very violent.

And by the way, even if you are the one who got hurt by the hammer technique, still show the kindness for the other person and use the key technique as that will help him or her to realize. Tit for tat is good for ego but very harmful for heart.

Many people think sitting quietly and stopping the random thoughts is called meditation, and many declare that is impossible for them to do; hence they don’t like meditation. With my limited knowledge, I would like to share what I consider meditation.

Let’s reclaim the family space, let’s not take them for granted, let kindness towards them be our default behavior. This practice is meditation. This practice will expand your heart, and you will be more successful in your life.


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One thought on “Kindness! Start at home : Meditation Series

  1. Sakti bhai,
    You are on your way to attain saint hood.
    And I am loving your posts in all out manner. Simple thoughts, explanations and pace. That sort of summarizes you!
    Get going…

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