Let’s Write A New (Family) Constitution

It means more as I mature, how precious the agreements are for any group of people, whether it is between your life partner, friends, family, housing society, organization, village, town, city, state, or country.

Preamble of India’s Constitution Picture Source: Wikipedia

We agreed when we were in our best mood, form, and intelligence, and the same becomes a guiding force when we are not at peace, the best state, or fully awakened intelligence.

It works best for organized sectors like agreement with the country is our constitution, agreement with the employee is employee handbook, housing societies have their constitution, but we do not have any written agreement when it comes to family. Although ancient Indian civilization had suggested rich and useful agreements, generations destroyed them with religious and patriarchal toppings, and ignorants brought it to peril.

While India celebrates its republic day where every citizen reiterates to bind themselves under the agreement called constitution to remain free and prosperous, we must think about how we can agree with the family to live a free, dignified, and prosperous life.

Families are slowly losing their dignity, integrity, and power to hold people together. A family where few members work day and night and others feel privileged to relax and enjoy, where elders are treated as a burden, and younger are taught how to become famous. Where a person who is going through mental trauma is either left alone or misunderstood. The word ‘separation’ and ‘break-up’ are now a lot more commonly practiced in our society. Not getting married or not having kids is becoming a popular solution to avoid such conflicts.

Before we see our family structures or society becomes irrelevant, let’s join hands to create a constitution for ourselves, our families, and society.

I thought of jotting down few agreements, and I encourage my readers to add to this list by mentioning them in the comment section.

  • The dignity of elders and the Purity of thought of children should be kept intact no matter what.
  • Physical and mental, whether indoor or outdoor, tasks must be distributed equally among family members based on each member’s ability and wisdom.
  • Suffering, struggle, and sorrow of one member must be a concern of the entire family.

Let’s spare some time building a constitution for a family where every member feels free and dignified.


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