More Power To You

A beautiful musical toy appeared in front of me on an island where I was lost and in a desperate need of drinking water.

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The musical toy was out of context, but a few seconds of careful observation made me realize that I was transported to the island through my dream and the music toy is my phone alarm.

I woke up to stop the alarm and drink water. It was still 4:30 AM on a holiday. I thought to go back to the island after quenching my thirst. I closed my eyes again to be transported. I found few demons on the island this time. They just appeared. It made my experience unpleasant, so I questioned the situation, and that brought me back to reality once again, and this time I decided not to sleep anymore.

Reading and writing space of mine welcomed me and was grinning with delighted for my appearance. That is my favorite place on earth. That is my secret place to hide from the world as well.

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Page number 234 started murmuring, expressing its disappointment for me leaving it half-read last night. It seems it could not sleep well as I left it half-read. I picked it from there but could feel two giants behind me.

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I was a bit scared, so did not want to turn back fully, but I could see they were the ones from the island of my dream from the side’s limited view. I did not want to give it power by recognizing and even acknowledging its existence. Without facing them, I asked, “Why are you here?”.

“We are your companion,” they said in chorus.

“Are you genie who would follow my orders to fulfill my wishes?” I asked, turning my face towards them.

They were familiar faces. I know them well. They just nodded they head to answer me in negative.

My quizzical look made them answer. “We are your creations. We are those people whom you hate, and you created us with your hatred”.

“What do you mean? Am I Bramha, who can create? What nonsense!” I said.

“You are Bramha, and you are the creator. You not only create, but you protect us also like Vishnu. You also have the power to destroy like Shiva,” they said.

“When you hate somebody, you replicate that individual in your world of perception, and you shape it the way you perceive that person. You keep adding more power to that person with your hatred. Every time you think of that person in hatred, you add power to it. You shape and size the person every moment you think of that person. You protect that character and let it exist and grow as long as you hate that person. Sometimes that person becomes a monster like us and so powerful that it can destroy you”, They responded.

“Okay,” I said to process what they said. Do they mean they are here to destroy me? Should I run, call the police, hide somewhere. I was scared to death.

“Unless you can destroy us!” What a relief. But ‘how?’ I was thinking.

“Forgive, Love, and compassion are the weapons of mass destruction. It can kill all your hate monsters in your life, including us”, They said.

“Forgive, Love, and Compassion for people who have hurt you is weakness. You may do it once or twice, but when you do it for long, how do you justify your existence. How can you forgive and understand those people who never try to understand you? Who has their agenda every moment? Shouldn’t they try understanding me once? At least once.”, I said out of frustration, but the moment I looked at them, they looked bigger than what they were and more dangerous and powerful.

“Maybe I am just thinking from my angle and should think why they are doing it.”, I said, uttering my words of introspection.

“They do not understand my need.” I continued to think from their perspective. I could see those demons reducing and becoming more humane. I kept thinking with compassion and could realize where I did wrong to make them react so badly at me. It was interesting and funny to see how the demons were becoming smaller and powerless. This made me feel so powerful. I could destroy two monsters.

“Hatred makes the person you hate powerful, and love makes you powerful,”

They said before they vanished. I realized forgiveness, love, and compassion is not weakness but strength. I know that all these are my creations, and I realized that nothing exists beyond what I see and feel in my mind.
“You wake all of us my loud alarm at 4:30 AM, and you come here and sleep. I don’t understand the logic. You know I can not sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night. Not sure why you do this every day. If this is what you want to do, I will sleep in the drawing-room from tomorrow” I heard this sound but could not see any new demon to apply my love and compassion to make it powerless.

I opened my eyes to realize I was in my reading space, and I was sleeping, sitting on a chair, and the reprimand was from my better half. I had to spend the entire day addressing her.

Happy Makar Sankranti’


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