You have Time and Money

An occasional trip to woods made me realize what am I missing sitting at home with my electronic gadgets. I stopped where few trees were at a social gathering in the age of social distancing.

I questioned, “How can you be so beautiful, so successful and so accomplished?”.

I did not except any response but I could hear they say in chorus, “We utilize our available resources wisely”.

I was surprised at their response. My curiosity was more about what they said that how they said. I whispered, “I wish I had enough resources. Neither money nor time is in my favour. I feel I am the most unlucky. I feel so confused with the choices life gives. I want to grow and prosper but somehow time is not in my favour”.

I kept walking back home when I heard a thundering response from the trees.

“Are you really unlucky or you have been denying success? Are you really confused or you don’t want to choose? Do you really want to succeed or your comfort zone is too dear to you”.

These questions made me stop and start thinking.

“Many a times you delay things stating you don’t have time but you spend hours scrolling up and down in social media sites or watch movies, web series or videos. For your time problem, your life demands sacrifice from these entertainments. Only the entertainments making somebody else feel better should be allowed in our life”. It continued. Sacrifice from entertainment should be possible I thought. But then they continued.

“Many a times you delay spending stating you don’t have money for starting something but you spend thousands on unhealthy food and unreasonably costly gadgets. This shows you have very clearly chosen poverty over self reliance”. Now it made me realize that I have all resources that I need its just that my choices are wrong.

It is just our choices that make us successful, accomplished and beautiful. Choose wisely in life, world will be yours.

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