How to be RICH?

We encounter at-least one occurrence in a week (Now a days daily) where we hear somebody is seeking help. Somebody needs blood of our blood group, children and homeless elderly seeking support, people seeking job, small business seeking money or friends seeking some help. Social media has enabled us to seek help to an unknown crowd easily and to reach unknown needy easily.

I must confess, I have not engaged with any of these till date. Not sure what the justification my mind gave in each occurance but I can say for sure I was selfish, insensitive and lesser human in all those occurrences. When I say I have not engaged, I meant I did respond to them and shared few words of solace but did not change my routine to help them. I thought somebody will take care or they can find some help themselves. My main reason for not engaging is not that I will lose anything but I did not want break the routine of my day and my life for them and go out of my way to feel and thing like them to find some help for them.

In a recent occurance I was in a situation where I needed help. I was overwhelmed by the kind of support and help i received from my friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Few of my friends spent hours together to plan for my success and few made regular visits breaking their personal life routine to give me company, few called me every other day to boost my morale and few helped me silently without even telling me. Few of my friends bought books for me to remain strong. Every one of them went out of their way to think, feel and do things for me which gave me greater morale boost. I did not feel weak or down for a single moment.

Yes, I am blessed to have such friends, colleagues and acquaintances and can never thank them enough in my life time but this made me realise how less of human life I was leading till date. How engrossed and intoxicated I was with my own journey of life and myself. I realised how a person feels when in need of help. I learnt life’s depth may be within you but it grandness is through magnanimity towards others.

How can you help somebody in need?

Reach out to understand what is the need, what is the temporary plan and what long term plans the person has to overcome the problem. Reach out means a conversation through phone call, emails or chat.

Imagine yourself in that situation and see what would would have needed and then act accordingly as the other person as a fellow human needs the same as you irrespective of their social status or financial status.

Compassion towards the needy helps you understand the situation better. Many a time we blame the person for his or her failures and count the wrong decisions or criticise the attitude and behaviour of the person.

Hope is what keeps the world running. Give hope along with helping hand. This can keep the person motivated enough to find his or her own way. If you cant do anything else, just do this.

Happy Helping!


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