Conflict: A necessity, Respect: A tool

The drizzling Sky was looking sad. I looked at them from my window and asked what happened?. It said with disinterest, “Low pressure at the Bay of Bengal.” I laughed and said, “Why can’t you stay normal. Always low or high”. And I said, “Why can’t you guys come to some term and be friends.”

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Cloud intervened, “Hello, Mr.”

It continued after a pause so that I can locate it, ” These conflicts in nature lets you live. Your society exists because of these conflicts”.

“How can you say we exist due to conflicts? Conflicts are bad we should avoid”, I protested as it made no sense to me.

Sky replied, “Conflicts are beautiful phenomena. We are in constant conflict throughout the day. We recognize some, do not realize some, and ignore some. There is not a single moment when we do not have a conflict with something or other.

“We can consider conflict as unevenness. Uneven pressure causes rain, wind flow, or even storm. Varying levels cause a river to flow. Imbalance in demand and supply helps run economies. Inequalities cause the creation of various different activities in society and creativity.Art, drama, music are all results of conflicts in some or another form.

“Absence of conflict will convert everything to a dead stone. No cause will arise hence no effect.”, Sky explained.

“But conflicts hurt.”, I murmured.

Cloud responded, “What hurts is not the conflict but the lack of rhythm during the conflict. Where the intention is not to explain your point but hurt the other person so that the person is forced to agree with you. During a conflict, every side wants to prove itself as right, but the problem is when any side tries to hurt the other side through physical or mental pain. In simple terms, when one side stops respecting the other side. That’s a hurtful and negative conflict.”

“Any partner is called a successful partner when they have a conflict where each brings a different point of view, and there is respect for each other. Lack of conflict between partners creates either suppression of one side or lack of emotional connection.

“When the wind blows at speed enough to soothe us, we call it nice, but if it hurts us, we call it storm. When it rains enough to the people’s need, we call it good rain, but when it hurts due to excessiveness, we call it bad.Similarly, when any relationship maintains a good level of conflict, it’s called a good relationship; else, it hurts.”

“Oh wow! That’s good to know.”, I responded with a sigh of understanding.

“How do I maintain that rhythm?” I asked.

“Respect! Gratitude! Active Engagement!” Sky responded, and cloud nodded its head.

Cloud added,”Every day try to spend some time to give respect and show gratitude for living and non-living existence in nature. When you engage with any, ensure it’s active, not just for any specific transaction.Practice over a period will enable you to bring rhythm with the old around you”.

Cloud flew towards the south as it found pressure is low there and said goodbye to me.


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