AUM : Let the learning begin

When you find you and the stone in front of you are made with the same minutest material and the difference is only in the awareness, sensitivity and purpose in this universe, you will start your journey in true sense.

Ability to find the presence of your pure self in every entity of this universe makes you aware. (A)

Understanding your purpose and every tiny little entity’s purpose is to serve the universe and everything within it. No purpose is small or wrong or big or right is the understanding will make you content. (U)

Merging your consciousness, ability and energy with everything irrespective of their visibility through your naked eye will let you expand and feel the joy of openness. This is when you start learning. No knowledge looks alien. Learning happens in a flow.

This is the state where you start your journey. Remaining in this state of union with universe will make you going deeper, getting better and life a fulfilled life.


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