Is it the road or you?

Road Never ending

Road may be narrow, edges may be crooked, destination may look far and clouds may dampen the journey still keep going undeterred. It’s not about them, it is about you.

You who defined your world with its limits and restrictions. You are the one who chose the path. You who carefully selected your mates and foes.

You are the one who walked with chest pumped up by the pride of your decisions and stiffened its legs of confidence.

Now it is unfair to sing the song of road or the journey, destination or destiny, cloud or the rain.

Stand there and shed the flabs of ego, misconceptions, twisted beliefs, corrupted temperament and look inside. Understand yourself, listen to your mind, converse with your thumping heart and find the purpose that is inbuilt.

Look at yourself like a child making its first step without the botheration of shaking legs. The same people who you feel are pointing their fingers of criticism are actually clapping with your every move.

Now you see a beautiful country road with greeneries all around, dancing on the aspiration to meet the mountains of joy while clouds blessing you the protection from sun. You are the one this path has chosen and you are celebrity walking on this path.


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