Demons of Uncertainty

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When you close your eyes and try to relax, the demons of uncertainty wake up. They have been fearful of your actions. They could not even make you feel their presence when you were awake. Now it is time for them to attack you.

They would come close to you, very close, and even try to touch you to prove that they are real. The fear, demons are trying to induce, is real. The world around is falling apart; the societies are going dark, people are fighting on the street, and you are lying helpless, hopeless, and invalid.

Trembles of fear shake you up. It will wake you up and force you to open your eyes. Their purpose is fulfilled because you can see them in front of your eyes, and there is no trace of disbelief left. Fears are real, uncertainty is here, and you are finished.

Demons of uncertainty dance in front of your eyes with the loudest music being played by your negative thoughts. You can’t keep your eyes open or ears. You close your eyes and put your weak hands covering your ears.

There a small baby making its way through the chaos takes your hands away from your ears. Holds your index fingers. Drags you to the battlefield of ‘action’.

You protest, fearing the attack from the demons of uncertainty, but the kid may be small but not weak. It drags you to the battlefield and gives you the sword of action. You are looking with squinty eyes to avoid the demon from poking you.

Kid stands in front of you and roars, “Action.”

The thundering voice from the positivity makes you open your eyes immediately, demons of uncertainty stop dancing and stand still and are seen scared of the little child.

You raise your sword and swing it with a rhythm to make an infinity symbol in the air, and one after another, each demon vanishes. Voices of negativity close its ear and stop groaning.

You now get the courage to dance and move around. You can not spot the kid anymore and start wondering, then you see it has grown to become a big powerful messiah to the world but a very close friend, philosopher, and guide to you.

Your actions now speak the rhythm of happiness, sings the joy of humanity, cherishes the relationship’s value, and makes the world a better place to live.


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