Pleasure of Creation

An ant walking all alone carrying a big piece of food on its shoulder was super excited to see the happiness in his family members’ eyes.

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He was sure the younger one would jump out of joy as she did not have a proper meal since the flood washed away their house. His parents, wife, elder kids, friends all were in their hunt for a piece of food that would serve the family and can be stored for the future. His wise wife decided family members not to go together, rather to divide and conquer.

Ant was lucky to enter a territory where young human kids were having food while playing, and a piece of cake fell straight on his head. It was tasty and fluffy, but it did hurt when it fell on him. He managed to get himself alright and carried the piece of pure delight in his shoulders. It hurt his arms a bit, but the fear of other rodents coming to claim this piece and hunger in the eyes of the family made him walk fast.

He managed to escape the stamping of human kids by choosing the edges of the wall. Still, those dangerous balls jumping all over the room were terrifying. It can hit anytime and from anywhere.

He has two ways in front of him, walk aggressively towards the destination or strategizing to escape every challenge coming on his way. The first one is he may make good progress if he is lucky to escape, whereas the second way would make him safer but slow him down. He chose the first one. Rather than looking left or right, he just marched fast towards towards his undercostrution home. He took long stances and did not bother the weight of the piece of cake and pain in the shoulders.

Several obstacles came his way; one human kid was about to stamp on him, he escaped, but a piece of his leg could not. He managed with the remaining portions. Every step was a win. He lost his way several times, making quick course correction time to time helped him not waste a lot of time in the wrong way.

After several hours and loss of two limbs, he reached his temporary home. He could find all his family members gathered with their earning of the day, which was good enough to survive this rainy season. Their house needed a bit of work here and there to complete. Their new home was a marvel. It was one of the best anthills you can find. All decided to first fix the house then have dinner together. All, including kids, contributed to building the house.

A sudden flood of phenyl water came their way, washing their house away along with the food. All family members ensured they are safe and survived this chemical attack by humans. As soon as things got clear, they gathered once again and divided their responsibilities. Elderly membes took the responsibility to build the house, and others went in search of food.

The young kid asked its father, “Aren’t you sad that the food you brought with so much of hardship and house we built with so much of love got ruined?” Ant said, “Once an act is done, rewards of the act is also achieved. House was built, Rewards achieved. We are proud of our efforts and togetherness. Food was brought, that was the reward of our hardship. We could not have dinner; we prioritized our tasks wrong that learning for the future. That’s it. There is nothing beyond it. Reaping benefits for life time for the act and Sorrow when something is lost is a human thing, let them enjoy that, we ants are known for enjoying our actions.”

Humans are pampered by the thoughts of safely and security, which took the fighters in them out.

Thinking of safety and security made humans innovate and create; but the creations are just for serving a purpose but not for the pleasure in creation.

A honeycomb, anthill, birds nest, and many such beautiful creations are built for the purpose of creation not just for survival. This makes them so unique and beautiful.

When solving a purpose is your motive of creation, it stops when the purpose is solved. When the joy of creating is your purpose, your creativity never stops, and you don’t get disappointed and sob when your creation gets ruined.


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2 thoughts on “Pleasure of Creation

  1. There is nothing called “Creation”. What ever we call it as a ‘creation’, was taken from here ‘The Creater”.

    Nice article though!

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