Life continued …

Leaf was enjoying the cool breeze of the rainy season, few rain drops were sitting on it since last night. They had a good conversation about the changing times.

Early morning suddenly wind started blowing heavily from west. Rain waters started to clutch the imperfections of the leaf to avoid a fall. Heaviness of water droplets and blow of the wind put lot of pressure on the leaf but it was withstanding the pressure by waving itself and synchronising with the flow. It looked like leaf is dancing in joy of the wet morning.

A bird came seeking refuse as its nest was blown away by the wind and inadvertently put its legs on the leaf. Leaf broke and separated from the barnch.

A falling leaf

Leaf never thought of life beyond the tree and this branch. While it is still in air it looked up to the tree and found entire tree sad and shedding the rain drops from last night due to the sorrow. It could feel the togetherness and the love it had earned.

Devastated with its loss, leaf started looking downwards at the million of leafs on the ground. Some rotten and some in the process of getting rotten. It could find the spot where it can see itself in that crowd. Leaf asked to them, what is this place called? They said in a chorus, we are fallen leaves, join us, we will be your best buddies. We shall discuss the past life and stories of each other.

A falling leaf!

Is that what the world would recognise me? Nah! It can be better. It should be better.

Leaf took a quicklook at its surroundings and started waving and dancing with the wind,

It looked up again, all the leafs of his ex-tree and the trees around started giving Chorus and the wind started to sing the song of life.

Wind carried it to a near by river, few ants and other bugs made it their rescue ride to the nearest shore,

few more water drops came to make friendship and

life continued in a new world.


Published by Sakti

Simple living, lots of talking

One thought on “Life continued …

  1. Another time now
    I am a refugee
    Another night now
    with an open sky
    Another tear from
    the god’s repartee
    Another life and
    a lot more to cry.


    Reminded me of a few lines I wrote while at college. I could not resist posting as a comment here.

    There is a lot more than what one can comprehend from this story as of course I can relate!
    There lives the beauty of story telling naturally in you, gifted; May thou not abate!

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