A Relationship

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Going beyond the relationships, their name, obligations, and duties, the most robust and most powerful human connection gets built unknowingly.

Whether known or unknown; people from any walk of life, An immense pull of energy from within binds us with another person.

We start liking that person. We like to follow that person for all goodness and stupidity. We feel a sense of pull when we think of that person. In return we expect just a simple acknowledgement that we got noticed nothing more.

In case of devotees its the god,

In case of students its their best teacher,

In case of children its the mother,

In case of elderly its the family

In case of lovers its the courtship,

In the case of fans its that celebrity,

But what is that connection? Why the human race which is so advanced and eager to tag things with words is not able to find word to that eternal relationship?

Nevertheless, that is the relationship worth live and die for. A fondness that grows enormously every moment and goes beyond madness but still doesn’t stop. A relationship where physical distance and physical body becomes so insignificant that you feel the warmth with just the thought. You feel presence every moment. You have none to hide and none to expose. You get dissolved in that entity every moment you think of the presence.

May be this is what recognized by Indian Philosophy as supreme union; Bhakti Yoga.

We need this relationship in our life at least one every moment. The moment we are devoid of such relationship, life becomes just a transaction. Life without such relationship is called loneliness. Stress, depression, feeling dejected is symptoms of such life.

Look for such relationship, if none found spirituality comes for rescue. But when you find one surrender to it. Remember in this relationship there is no return, no result, no outcome. Just a performing relationship.


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One thought on “A Relationship

  1. Very nice overview on all kinds of relationships.

    “Look for such relationship, if none found spirituality comes for rescue.”
    I think it’s the other way round, when we are spiritual we automatically seek true relationships. And these relations in turn teach us to be increasingly more spiritual.

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