Ego to your self-esteem is like your mother to you.

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It always protects your self-esteem from any external attack. Even if the attack is not real, ego ensures it shields you. It is insecure about you as your mother. It never leaves you alone, how much you try to run away from it. Its only purpose of existence is “You.”

When we are childlike, we love our ego unconditionally and try sleeping peacefully in its arms
When we get into confusion (read Adolescence), the same ego feels like pain.
When we are matured, we know it is our lifetime protector; hence we must take care of it.

How to know we are matured in our behavior or not?

You know what you are made up of and confident about it. You know you have talent, skills, courage, ability to learn, and resilience.

You know what you want. Your priorities are clear, and other exciting options do not distract you. You are focused on your goal in life.

You are satisfied at this moment with what you have. You know you have the ability to get more, do more, achieve more, and you are confident you can do it. But at the same time, you are content with what you have at the moment.

Ego needs proper care!

Only a matured person can take care of his/her ego well!


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