Fear is always due to loss of something.

Loss is possible when you have something

Did we ever appreciate that we had something valuable which we would fear losing?

Healthy and happy life without fear is your immunity.

Today whole world is fearful of COVID-19. This is the fear of losing health and life. Did we really value health and/ or life so much.

You hardly bothered about your mental well-being and kept on accumulating unnecessary stress. You hardly bothered about your physical health and kept on eating junk and did not care about proper sleep.

You thought money, career, social status are more important than a healthy life. But today when fear knocked on your door you are running for masks and sanitisers.

Immunity is what we must work on, if we value our life and health. Immunity comes from a good physical and mental health. Focus on both by having proper sleep, food and hearty as well as healthy relationships. Spend your money and time for your mental and physical sanity.

Take care!!


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