Happiness is a Choice

‘Nobody really cares!’, This is the learning I got over years of my awareness.

Everybody is very busy in their world to survive, get noticed, meet their emotional needs and get a sense of growth. We meet many poeple every day. Some new, some old, some friends, some acquiantances, some make a mark and some we forget as soon as they are out of sight.

Every word spoken, every look exchanged and body language exchanged, creates an impressions on us about them and about us on them. But, It stays for a while and then vanishes in thin air. What remains is a thin impression about the person which just adds or subtracts from all previous impressions.

You love the person more than earlier or less than earlier. You hate the person more than earlier or less than earlier. Thats all stays in your memory about that person. The personal story, the emotional outburst, the pain or pleasure you shared stays like a story for few days and then goes in vein. They got busy in their world and continued with their struggle.

If you are looking for source of happiness from anybody other than you, then you will get disappointed. If you are expecting, anybody is going to make your life better, then you will get disappointed. If you think somebody can belittle or disappoint or put you down, then you are in a illussional world.

It’s you who is determining the state of your self. If happiness is what you are looking for then you must look inward, look at the person on mirror and that person will never disappoint you.

Happiness requires no effort but you must be in a certain mindset to achieve that. Coming to that state requires effort.

Here I am listing few tips and tricks that you may practice to ensure you state in a ‘State’ that keeps you happy irrespective of your surroudings and external factors.

Consiously observing and improving your Enjoyment Quotient

Spending your day with the kind of activity you love, you are good at, you can be paid for and world is in need of that service.

Few agreements that you make with your life to shield yourself from the external forces that destabilize you.

Giving, greeting and showing gratitude on a daily basis.

Consiously providing happiness to people around you through your sense of humor, appreciations, try to understand people you have distanced yourself from, unconditional gifting and honest feedback,

Remove the mask that you are wearing to adapt to the society’s need.

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– Your Happiness Warrior


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