Fear of Losing Identity

On a December night a happy full moon roaming around freely on a blue-sky. It had struggled a lot to achieve this full moon identity. It took 14 long days since the dreadful no moon day to reach here. All big celestial bodies always overpowered, ignored and demeaned her for her tininess.

While moon is flaunting its eternal beauty, people on earth celebrating the winter festivities and appreciating her as she is making the evening beautiful by spraying silvery light all over earth.

Not so far from the moon there was a cloud which got separated from its family and friends who were on their retreat from the land. They came to landmass as part of the monsoon and were returning back to sea. This cloud saw a beautiful peacock dancing on its arrival and it was so mesmerized by the peacocks beauty that it kept gazing at it while its family and friends went a lot ahead of him and were no longer visible. Losing its family and way, this cloud was nervous and wanted to ask somebody the way back. It saw the full moon standing there, entertaining the people on earth. It came rapidly towards the moon to ask for the way northeastern monsoon took. Seeing the cloud coming its way Moon was nervous. Moon was fearing the loss of its identity, uniqueness and the visibility. It was trying to runaway from the cloud but her tininess did not allow her to take longer steps. Finally cloud reaches her and in no-time covered her.

Cloud was eager to find its way and asked with all politeness the way out. But found the moon angry, shouting and full of tears. Moon scolded him mercilessly for his stupidity of losing his way as well as marring the efforts that moon had created for itself in all these days.

Cloud did not mean to hurt her. He said sorry with a bit of drizzle and moved on to find his way-out from the landmass and find his friends and relatives whom he lost. It kept wandering in searh of his way.

Did Moon really mean to be unhelpful, rude and arrogant? No, It was his fear of identity which made her behave so badly. It did not bother to help a needy who has no other means to get help.

Don’t we become rude, arrogant and irresponsible at times only because we are upset with our losing identity?

People say fear of public speaking is second to fear of death. If any fear that follows these two fears it is fear of losing identity. We are in a constant race to grab things that can differentiate us from others; keeping ourselves away from the crowd so that we have an identity. In order to achieve this, we realise the importance of money and power. We keep accumulating money and power to ensure we maintain and shine our identity. This is how we live our life all the way till we realise that it’s only me who is identifying this identity the identity I created and others were busy in their. This realisation does not happen easily. It is a painful process. Sometimes things were snatched out from us to make us realise and at other times we lose things due to our stupidity. In both the situations it makes us feel, we could have saved it if we would have taken care and we blame ourselves, dear ones and we lose even the small amount of real people and real self that we have.


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