Listen ​someone​

non-judgemental listening

Give a good ear to at least one person every week

No judgment

No perception

No expectation

A pure listen where your job as a listener is to ensure the speaker’s thoughts are flowing smoothly from mind to lips through an untwisted tongue and uninterrupted jaws.

Adjust your body language to give that ambiance of trust, carry some powerful open-ended questions in your bag to stimulate the speaker’s mind if stuck, keep a questful mind so that you don’t turn judgemental and a lot of warmth to make the speaker feel at ease.

Listen without any expectation or any eagerness to respond and when speaker exhausts speaking ensure you still have not developed any eagerness to respond or created a perception.

Speaker may be stranger, copassenger, your colleague, your friend, relative, parents, siblings, spouse or your kids. Listen, one person, every week. The world around you will change dramatically and you will find a better you living within yourself.

If you do not know how to strike a conversation, start with a simple question,

What is the earliest childhood memory you have where you still remember the exact scene and the people? How does that incident impact your life?

Given a second chance to grow up, how different would be your life today?

What you dreamt of becoming when you were a kid?

Remember to ensure the person is at ease. Do not force a person to speak if the person is unwilling to.

Let’s start listening!


Published by Sakti

Simple living, lots of talking

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