Time of Sorrow

Standing alone grounded at the time of sorrow

When clouds of sorrows blanket you hiding from the realities around, clutch to your basics. Go home, give yourself some time off. Do not go to any place where you have to show a nice face or act differently than what you are. Pamper that moment like a crying baby. Its the inner ‘you’ who wants to speak loudly. Listen to it without being judgemental. Do not hurry to give it an answer. Just listen!

Let the tears peep through the eyelids and flow gently when it finds time is right. Let the suffocating waves make that thunderous sound from your epiglottis. Let it happen. A moment of sorrow well spent is good for you. It brings yourself back to reality once again. You get to know yourself and others around once again.

You will find friendships rejuvenated, mind refreshed and life taking the right bend to reach its beautiful destination.

Celebrate the loud cry of your inner you!


Published by Sakti

Simple living, lots of talking

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