You are Unique

Different ways

You are destined to do something amazing. This world needs you for your unique ability. Preserving and nurturing your natual ability is purpose of your life. Your natural instinct and your natural abilities are way more effective and powerful than your acquired ones.

You never were lesser than anybody nor you are today but, if you ignore your natural qualities then you may not stay the best. Invoke your abilities. Pay attention to them. Nourish them and most importantly respect them.

Your biggest blocker and enemy is you. You doubt your abilities.

Others abilities and ways look impressive and attractive. They are impressive and attractive because that’s their natural ability and they enjoy doing it that way.

If you chose to do what you like the most, do it without bothering what people are thinking, do it with your complete attention and passion, you will find many will follow you because they will be curious and find it interesting.

Look at nature, it is beautiful, every piece of it is beautiful, that is because each element of nature enjoys its ability and respects its uniqueness.

Look at a few kids playing, it looks beautiful because they do not have self-doubt.

Look at the rising sun, it looks beautiful because it follows its own pattern and discipline.

You are special, beautiful and exceptional, just be you.


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