Speak Your Mind

One of my friends said, not speaking fluently at work is a compulsion, not a choice. We most often get into trouble for speaking our mind. People may misunderstand you or know you too much to have your built up strata or aura intact.

Like a person higher up in the corporate ladder speaking their feeling and weakness may cause people not give him or her desired importance.

Like sharing displeasure about any colleague may tag you as a person with strong opinions.

Keeping your strategy, plan, and intentions hidden is somehow seen as part of the powerplay.

This made me feel, work that we do for a living is more like a war. I can’t imagine we going to war every day.

I see work as a place where great minds explore their potential, enable each other, and learn a bunch of new things while earning for living. Its a place where we interface between many minds. A happy mind enables another happy mind. This needs a well functioning mind free from complications.

In order to achieve it, we must speak our mind and be true to ourselves. If we realize we are speaking negative and unpleasant things too often then it’s not the language that we need to pay attention to rather train our mind to think positively and think for the greater good.

Express yourself!

A corrupted mind with sweet talks helps none. A clear and happy mind with unrestricted flow of words can create a world of happiness and opportunities.

If you get into trouble often due to speaking unpleasant things which irks many then either you are at a wrong place or you have to work on your thought.

Happy Expressing


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Simple living, lots of talking

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