Express Fluently

Words get heavier as we grow up. Simple words which used to flow like a waterfall from our mind, to the tongue, to the listener has got so much of flab that it finds it difficult to move beyond the head.

It may be as small as No or as simple as Sorry. It may be just casual expression of love or disagreement. A just little sincere Thank you takes time.

Words don’t vanish if we don’t express. They sit there in our head and grow bigger by soaking future unknown and become too complicated and bulky.

This year, Let’s practice to speak the words that are true and sincere as soon as they arise. Let’s give wings to the words so that it finds its right recipient as soon as they are born.

Living with freedom and confidence requires fluent expression of feelings to the right person.

Freeflow of thoughts

Have an expressive year 2019!


Published by Sakti

Simple living, lots of talking

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